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  • One Plate to Rule Them All

    published December 29, 2004

    Forgive the Seinfeldian invocation, but ... ever notice how small plates are never served on small plates? Is it to create the illusion that... More >>

  • Worlds Collide

    published December 15, 2004

    Growing up in San Francisco, I often found myself conflicted, and not just because I was forced to choose between a Gene Kelly musical at the... More >>

  • Veganomics

    published December 1, 2004

    Every year, despite my best intentions, and despite the warnings of my inner Jenny Craig, who wags a finger to remind me that excessive... More >>

  • It's No 'Choke

    published November 17, 2004

    It's all over but the keening, as they say, and even though I continue to wander around in a post-election daze, trying very hard not to grab the... More >>

  • Okey Poke

    published November 3, 2004

    In an attempt to get my mind off the elections (but really because I had a surfeit of frequent-flier miles that were about to expire), I took a... More >>

  • Atlas Adventures

    published October 20, 2004

    The beauty of living in this global bouillabaisse is that on any given day you can sit down at the kitchen table with a world atlas, close your... More >>

  • Roe v. Age

    published October 6, 2004

    It's recently become apparent to me that I have reached the age when a few misguided folk may start referring to me as "a woman of a certain age."... More >>

  • I Scream

    published September 22, 2004

    When I lived in Milwaukee, I spent a lot of time (usually during the dinner hour) lamenting the fact that I wasn't in San Francisco anymore. Good... More >>

  • The Real Thing

    published September 8, 2004

    A few months ago, my sister-in-law sent my husband a sampler pack from the BBQ Sauce of the Month club. Most people would have received this gift... More >>

  • The Cost of Cool

    published August 11, 2004

    I'll never forget the first time I walked into an In-N-Out Burger. There I was, all bright-eyed and expectant -- giddy with the buzz that had... More >>

  • Stick-ing It

    published July 28, 2004

    I'm a sucker for a good pun. Actually, I'm a sucker for a bad pun, too. I once wrote an entire magazine article about clever imaginary pun names... More >>

  • Filling the Buca

    published July 14, 2004

    The ubiquitous refrain, sung by chefs from the northernmost Napa vineyard to the shores of Santa Cruz (after "We're closed on Mondays"), is: "It's... More >>

  • Neat Trick

    published June 30, 2004

    I've always been simultaneously intrigued by and suspicious of dishes at vegetarian restaurants that purport to be "just as good as" or "better... More >>

  • Pasta Perfect

    published June 16, 2004

    Look back through the soup cans and frozen Trader Joe's pot stickers of your life and there's always "the dish" -- the one that started it all,... More >>

  • The Call of the Coop

    published June 2, 2004

    There's something a bit unsettling about the fact that Internet spam has started to bear an eerie resemblance to Beat poetry. These days, when I... More >>

  • Tuna Time

    published May 5, 2004

    You ever notice how certain foods require just the right setting to taste good? Comfort foods, for instance, like fried-egg sandwiches or... More >>

  • Talking Turkey

    published April 21, 2004

    If you're like me (and I hope you're not), you've been having a tiny minor freakout over the whole mad cow thing. It's the kind of cognitive... More >>

  • Heads and Tails

    published April 7, 2004

    I'm not a commitment-phobe, but I often play one when I go out to dinner. In restaurants, I can be a notorious dilettante, coercing (OK, bullying)... More >>

  • Doing Chicken Right

    published March 24, 2004

    I've always had a love/hate relationship with dishes that purport to be of foreign origin but are really just glorified Americanese dressed up as... More >>

  • La Dolce Vita

    published March 10, 2004

    The problem with experiencing the food of another country in that country is that you come back with expectations. Floating around your... More >>

  • Chowdah Head

    published February 25, 2004

    I have to admit I've never been able to get a good grip on the dining scene in the Castro. For years, it was a scatter shot of unremarkable... More >>

  • Slippery When Wet

    published February 11, 2004

    Finding a hidden gem of a dish in a Chinese restaurant is like wading through the phone book for a dentist – the choices seem endless, so... More >>

  • The Baja Way

    published January 28, 2004

    Readers, please forgive me for what you're about to receive. It's an anecdote about my 2 1/2-year-old son, a subject I've resisted writing about... More >>

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