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  • The View From My Liver

    published December 20, 2006

    What with all the merriment that passed through my liver this year, I never thought I'd make it. More to the point, I'm surprised that you made... More >>

  • Doc Martin: back to his old stomping ground

    published December 20, 2006

    DJ Omar 's diverse and dotted sets, although always linear, stem from his background in multiple music genres. Influenced by punk, goth,... More >>

  • The heavy hitters of hip hop jingle your bells

    published December 13, 2006

    No prejudice seems more socially acceptable than the bile aimed at the overweight. From TV (such as Friends' pockmark that is Fat Monica)... More >>

  • The Rich and Photographed

    published December 6, 2006

    Brace yourselves: Paper City, the paper you're not nearly good enough for, has come to an end. The monthly pamphlet — which glorified... More >>

  • Loving the MSM

    published November 22, 2006

    Dear friends at the Examiner: First, kudos to you for giving me so many good reasons to pick up the Examiner day after day. Catchy... More >>

  • Ben Goldberg Group|Ukelele night|Peter Walker|Ladyhawk

    published November 15, 2006

    Bloomington, Ind., label Jagjaguwar hosts an impressive roster of rootsy, Neil Young-indebted indie rock. Followers of the Black Mountain/Pink... More >>

  • I've Got The Curse

    published November 15, 2006

    Too much modern musical theater seems hellbent on parodying itself or gorging on current events. The smug lampooning, the cheeky, rapid-fire... More >>

  • Trash queens reign at Cinch

    published October 25, 2006

    Ruby Skye's owners are plunking down $20K to turn the San Francisco club into something from The Wizard of Oz for the night, so Dorothy... More >>

  • From slugs to semen, there's little Matmos doesn't sample

    published October 18, 2006

    Although its members have made musical recordings of petting a cat and the rapid-fire flipping of Bible pages, the best story of Matmos '... More >>

  • Gettin' a leg up on dubstep with Hatcha and Youngsta

    published October 4, 2006

    Nurtured on Detroit's own proprietary blend of techno and soul, ADULT.(comprising married couple Adam Lee Miller and Nicola Kuperus) takes... More >>

  • Dream On

    published August 30, 2006

    Though delightful to us terminally single folk, the depressing television dating-game genre has gotten unsightly over the years. From its halcyon... More >>

  • Hitting the MAN-sion for Playboy

    published August 30, 2006

    Led by local popster Bart Davenport, Berkeley's Honeycut will drop its debut on DJ Shadow's Quannum Projects label at the end of... More >>

  • The French and the Fuckers

    published August 23, 2006

    Parisian women are normally portrayed as elegant and delicate, but those words just do not describe Uffie. Maybe it's the time she spends... More >>

  • Viva la France dance

    published July 12, 2006

    Small Sails don't just create ambient electronic soundtracks; they perform them with correlating cinematic footage for the full... More >>

  • '70s by the poolside

    published July 5, 2006

    Simply Jeff is one of the country’s leading breakbeat DJs in the clubs as well as on XM Satellite Radio and iTunes Radio. Owner of DJ Culture, ... More >>

  • Slap that ass at Donkey Punch

    published June 28, 2006

    Thanks to a much-needed revamping and re-branding of its space, the slightly loungy Shine (formerly the Red Eye Lounge) now plays host to some of... More >>

  • We're Not Here, We're Queer

    published June 21, 2006

    When an organization like GLAAD (Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) holds its annual awards show in San Francisco — as it did on... More >>

  • Bay Area hip hop stands proud with San Quinn

    published May 31, 2006

    Those seeking to sum up the curious sonics elicited by German Jan Jelinek need only look to the title of his breakthrough album, 2001's... More >>

  • The Secret Language of Sleep: A Couple's Guide to the Thirty-Nine Positions

    published May 31, 2006

    By Evany Thomas McSweeney's (March), $15 Injected with just the right dose of McSweeney-ian humor, this book is downright... More >>

  • Say ciao to a new Sunday-night weekly

    published May 3, 2006

    After spending well over a decade spinning records throughout the world and representing top European super-clubs like Renaissance and Cream,... More >>

  • Let's Get Physical

    published April 26, 2006

    "You can be a mess here," DJ Bus Station John says as the bartender serves up another round at Aunt Charlie's Lounge. Having helped revive the... More >>

  • All hail the King and the Asian brigade

    published April 19, 2006

    When he was a kid, King Britt’s mother would bring him to Sun Ra’s house in their Philadelphia hometown to hang out and experience the musi... More >>

  • Letting your A.D.D. run rampant

    published April 12, 2006

    Melbourne's Luke Chable and Phil K are best known as the de facto Down Under ambassadors to the global nightclub scene. But the veteran DJ duo's... More >>

  • Great Moments in Photojournalism

    published April 5, 2006

    Acouple of weeks ago, our city was privileged enough to be a pit stop on the Battle Cry Tour: a rock-and-rally festival of evangelical Christian... More >>

  • She blinded me with Dirty South science; Mess around with old soul and the Castro

    published March 8, 2006

    For well over a decade, U.K. expatriate Thomas "Dolby" Robertson has been a trailblazer in bringing music to the Internet (which would... More >>

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