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  • Wake Up

    published December 17, 2003

    In 1937, Theos Bernard, a young American lawyer and scholar, traveled to Tibet in search of wisdom and the secret teachings of Buddhism. Anointed... More >>

  • Magic Markings

    published November 12, 2003

    My first gallery encounter with artist Arthur Okamura came at his one-man painting show two years ago when, unannounced, he began performing a... More >>

  • Out of the Ashcan

    published October 1, 2003

    Over a century ago, a group of New York painters scandalized the art world with images of the seedier side of urban Americana: burlesque shows,... More >>

  • The Way We Looked

    published September 17, 2003

    Every Bay Area resident I have ever met who has lived here for more than a couple of decades likes to talk about the old San Francisco,... More >>

  • Dome Sweet Dome

    published August 13, 2003

    A Potrero Hill delicatessen might seem an unlikely venue for a one-man show by a Palestinian-American photographer featuring the Arab mosques and... More >>

  • Mexican Magic

    published July 23, 2003

    It'll be a long mañana before the Mexican Museum opens its permanent digs in Mexican architect Ricardo Legorreta's planned... More >>

  • Paradise Lost

    published June 18, 2003

    n Slouching Towards Bethlehem, Joan Didion describes growing up in the ephemeral landscape of the Sacramento Valley: "All that is constant... More >>

  • All Boxed In

    published May 21, 2003

    To many American-born Chinese, writes sociologist Rose Hum Lee, China is as much a foreign country as it is to other Americans. The contradictions... More >>

  • Fair Ball

    published April 9, 2003

    Shut out at Pac Bell Park and dissed by scalpers for the Giants' first home stand, I found another way to see the game at the sixth annual "Art of... More >>

  • See Me

    published March 5, 2003

    From the official Web site of the Sigmund Freud Museum in Vienna comes this dizzying claim for a conceptual art show: "[It] offered the juncture... More >>

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