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  • Comics: Always in the Gutter, Looking Up

    published September 4, 2013

    The comics medium was criticized for decades, derided as juvenile before being hailed as the great American art form of the 20th century... More >>

  • Whodunit: SFSU Professor Joseph McBride Finds a New Angle on the JFK Assassination

    published August 28, 2013

    Noted film historian, critic, and journalist Joseph McBride has quietly maintained a parallel career for decades. While he was writing... More >>

  • You Look Familiar: The World's End Has New Villains and Old Emotional Problems

    published August 21, 2013

    Despite coming from three different genres, "The Cornetto Trilogy," the films that director Edgar Wright co-wrote with star Simon Pegg, does... More >>

  • Cities at Night, In Black & White

    published May 1, 2013

    New York and Los Angeles are sometimes unrecognizable in films noir because A) it was often taken for granted that those movies simply needed a... More >>

  • A New Hope: San Francisco Film Society's New Director Sees the Bay Area Changing the Way Movies are Made

    published April 24, 2013

    Up until about a year ago, the prolific independent film producer and advocate Ted Hope thought he'd live the rest of his life in New York,... More >>

  • Free(Dom) Movies

    published March 27, 2013

    The Human Rights Film Festival at the University of San Francisco is the 11th annual event, and like previous years, the lineup is sure to... More >>

  • Live From France

    published March 27, 2013

    Hyperbolists will have a field day applying heightened language to Saturday's event at the Roxie, but the simple fact is that, for San Francisco... More >>

  • Holy!

    published March 20, 2013

    Get up early and take part in the 91st annual Easter Sunrise Service at the Mount Davidson cross. Civic leaders — including Mayor Ed... More >>

  • Rocky Horror 
Disney Show

    published March 20, 2013

    So, you want to be Angela Lansbury. In fact, you’ve always wanted to be Angela Lansbury — and who doesn’t share this modest yet... More >>

  • Childhood Hero

    published March 13, 2013

    Second only to Walt Disney, Chuck Jones was one of the most influential American animators in history. Eleven years after his death at age 89,... More >>

  • Torturous Wait

    published March 13, 2013

    Jim Van Bebber's film The Manson Family, about the sycophantic cult that sprang up around Charles Manson in the 1960s, is disturbing... More >>

  • Snakeskin Suit

    published March 6, 2013

    The recent G.I. Joe movie was an overproduced bore, filled with special effects but missing a story. It also lacked the silly but infectious... More >>

  • Silence Is Golden

    published February 6, 2013

    During the winter, San Francisco has it easier than a lot of other cities. Our mild climate keep us from freezing to death, and the season offers... More >>

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