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  • Exodus: Show Preview

    published December 18, 2013

    Pioneering East Bay thrash-metal outfit Exodus could have imploded when Metallica nicked its founding guitarist, Kirk Hammett, to replace... More >>

  • Black Joe Lewis: Show Preview

    published November 27, 2013

    Austin outfit Black Joe Lewis has been refining its pugilistic mix of horn-heavy soul and vintage garage-rock for the better part of the past... More >>

  • Old Dogs, Alpha Dogs: With Brutal Riffs and Silly Videos, Red Fang Leads the Stoner-Rock Pack

    published November 27, 2013

    Viral videos may not be a common vehicle for heavy rock bands, but metal fans got their first introduction to the tuneful bludgeoning of... More >>

  • Monster Magnet: Show Preview

    published November 20, 2013

    Along with legendary down-tuned desert rockers Kyuss, New Jersey space-metal outfit Monster Magnet helped codify the stoner-rock template with... More >>

  • Comets on Fire: Show Preview

    published November 20, 2013

    One of the most celebrated bands to emerge from the Bay Area underground since the turn of the millennium, beloved S.F. psych-noise crew Comets... More >>

  • Kreator: Show Preview

    published November 13, 2013

    As spoiled as the Bay Area might be as a historic epicenter for thrash metal, local headbangers will be hard-pressed to deny the quality of the... More >>

  • The Sonics: Show Preview

    published October 30, 2013

    As one of the greatest garage-punk bands to emerge in the U.S. in the 1960s, Tacoma quintet the Sonics helped establish a long tradition of... More >>

  • Earthless: Show Preview

    published October 23, 2013

    Instrumental psych trio Earthless can be excused for taking six years to record a follow-up to 2007's transcendent Rhythms from a Cosmic... More >>

  • Ginger Baker: Show Preview

    published October 16, 2013

    Had rock drummer Ginger Baker keeled over dead from a heroin overdose during his late '60s stint with virtuoso power trio Cream, his work with... More >>

  • Goblin: Show Preview

    published October 16, 2013

    While the band got its start emulating the bombastic sounds of Yes and Genesis, Italian prog-rock outfit Goblin didn't take flight until it was... More >>

  • The Blind Shake: Show Preview

    published October 9, 2013

    Thee Oh Sees main man John Dwyer has put together what is sure to be one of the sweatiest, most beer-soaked package tours to storm across the... More >>

  • Saxon: Show Preview

    published October 2, 2013

    It may not have reached the global audience of fellow New Wave of British Heavy Metal bands like Iron Maiden and Def Leppard, but veteran U.K.... More >>

  • The Cosmic Psychos: Show Preview

    published September 11, 2013

    Powered by the irreverent lyrics, gravel-throated vocals, and fuzzed-out bass lines of leader Ross Knight, beer-pounding pub punks the... More >>

  • Mix Prog with Brutal Rock, and You Get Hot Lunch

    published September 11, 2013

    "We tend to think that a good album always has a couple of really unpredictable moments," says Hot Lunch's Eric Shea. "If we just cranked out a... More >>

  • Brant Bjork of Vista Chino Talks Bassist Troubles, Drumming Legends, and Lawsuits

    published September 4, 2013

    If legendary Palm Desert band Kyuss stands a cornerstone of the downtuned stoner-rock movement... More >>

  • Turn Me On Dead Man: Show Preview

    published August 28, 2013

    Offering up a tasty collision of tuneful '60's psychedelia, '70s glam bombast, and '90s stoner-rock crunch, San Francisco's Turn Me On Dead... More >>

  • Lord Dying: Show Preview

    published August 14, 2013

    Following in the footsteps of fellow Portland hessians Red Fang and Witch Mountain, Lord Dying is the latest in a string of top-notch... More >>

  • Obliterations: Show Preview

    published August 7, 2013

    Most bands would kill to have the pedigree of L.A. punk outfit Obliterations. Former Bluebird and Night Horse singer Sam James Velde... More >>

  • Deltron 3030 Offers a Look at Its Second Space-Rap Treatise

    published June 26, 2013

    When it comes to long-deferred dream records finally seeing the light of day, 2013 is shaping up to be a banner year. In addition to the sudden... More >>

  • Porch: Show Preview

    published June 5, 2013

    Along with mainstay bassist Les Claypool and drummer Jay Lane, guitarist Todd Huth was a formative member of Bay Area favorites Primus. Besides... More >>

  • LL Cool J: Show Preview

    published May 22, 2013

    Thanks to his steady work on the hit crime drama NCIS: Los Angeles, LL Cool J is better known as an actor than a rapper to a... More >>

  • Kylesa: Show Preview

    published May 22, 2013

    Along with fellow Georgian metal mavericks Mastodon and Baroness, Savannah quintet Kylesa has taken a place at the vanguard of heavy... More >>

  • Boris: Show Preview

    published May 15, 2013

    Formed in the early '90s, when guitarist Wata, bassist/guitarist Takeshi, and drummer Atsuo met while attending a Tokyo art school, the... More >>

  • Junior Brown: Show Preview

    published May 8, 2013

    Armed with blinding guitar skills, bone-dry wit, and a deep baritone voice, Austin-based country institution Junior Brown has been... More >>

  • Preview: Boris

    published May 8, 2013

    Formed in the early '90s, when guitarist Wata, bassist/guitarist Takeshi, and drummer Atsuo met while attending a Tokyo art school, the Japanese... More >>

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