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  • Lichens; White/Lichens

    published June 6, 2007

    Lichens is Chicago musician Rob Lowe, whom you may know from his stints in 90 Day Men and a very popular band from New York City that's often... More >>

  • French Kicks

    published March 21, 2007

    Dance music is going through a boom period. Literally. Labels like Kitsuné, DFA, and Institubes are giving clubbers and DJs more crank for... More >>

  • The Astute Aussie

    published February 28, 2007

    White. Female. Australian. Rapper. These words rarely appear in the same sentence. But with the debut album by Macromantics (Romy Hoffman),... More >>

  • Clinic

    published February 28, 2007

    Disenchanted Clinic fans may think Revisitation is a better title for the Liverpool band's fourth album. Accusations of sonic repetition... More >>

  • Psychic Ills

    published February 14, 2007

    In 2006 no rock album spent more time augmenting my headspace than Psychic Ills' Dins. The Brooklyn quartet updated the heat-blasted,... More >>

  • Seattle art rock climax

    published February 14, 2007

    Two of the Bay Area's more notable experimental rock upstarts are celebrating new releases this Friday. KIT is a quartet that wields... More >>

  • Sonic Boom burrows into the inner E.A.R.

    published January 17, 2007

    It's fitting that Helmet recently completed a string of dates opening for Guns N' Roses: Frontman Page Hamilton might be post-hardcore's... More >>

  • Senses Burning Overtime

    published January 3, 2007

    Seemingly more of a cult with ever-morphing lineups than a rock band proper, Indian Jewelry taps into psychedelia's darker, more tribalistic veins... More >>

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