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  • Low

    published December 22, 1999

    Low Christmas (Kranky) Low has been cranking out moody, slowcore hits since the early '90s, and yet the band has... More >>

  • Review

    published December 1, 1999

    Beck Midnite Vultures (DGC) With the ugliest cover art since late-'70s Hipgnosis, it would appear Beck Hansen is... More >>

  • A Hobo's Progress

    published November 17, 1999

    Something everlastingly true about riding freight trains is that it's boring," says U. Utah Phillips. Among other disparate and curious... More >>

  • Review

    published October 6, 1999

    Velvet Crush Free Expression (Bobsled) Imagine you had the Beatles' White Album in your CD player and upon punching in song... More >>

  • Review

    published September 15, 1999

    Ramblin' Jack Elliott The Long Ride (HighTone) For a while, there didn't... More >>

  • Reviews

    published August 18, 1999

    Richard Thompson Mock Tudor (Capitol) As a musician who's spent three decades not only building a rep as one of England's... More >>

  • Reviews

    published August 11, 1999

    Mike "Sport" Murphy Willoughby (Kill Rock Stars) Precious few people have heard the Skels, late of Ronkonkoma, N.Y.... More >>

  • Reviews

    published August 4, 1999

    Eddie Hinton Hard Luck Guy (Capricorn) When Otis Redding died, Mrs. Redding asked Muscle Shoals Sound Rhythm Section guitarist... More >>

  • Reviews

    published June 23, 1999

    The Bevis Frond Vavona Burr (Flydaddy) The greatest thing about Nick Saloman's one-man band, the Bevis Frond, is that it exists.... More >>

  • Reviews

    published June 16, 1999

    Verbena Into the Pink (Capitol) Souls for Sale, Verbena's 1996 debut album, is the sound of true desperation. A perfect... More >>

  • Those Who Dared

    published June 16, 1999

    Virginia Dare songwriter Mary O'Neil and her husband, guitarist Brad Johnson, both work day jobs. They rent a tiny but cute Bernal Heights... More >>

  • Reviews

    published May 5, 1999

    Tom Waits Mule Variations (Epitaph) Tom Waits coined the word "surrural" to describe the music contained on his 14th studio... More >>

  • Reviews

    published March 17, 1999

    The Chamber Strings Gospel Morning (Bobsled) If your idea of heaven is a place where the rock singers wear eyeliner, then this... More >>

  • Reviews

    published February 17, 1999

    Ani DiFranco Up Up Up Up Up Up (Righteous Babe) Ani DiFranco has resolved to ignore the media chatter that surrounds her public... More >>

  • One Nation Under a Guru

    published February 10, 1999

    Habib Khan Freight & Salvage, Berkeley Sunday, Jan. 31 Look around these days, and it's all about India. The subcontinent... More >>

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