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  • Justin Vandervolgen: Show Preview

    published December 26, 2012

    Screw the Rose Bowl — there's dancing to do. Long-running San Francisco nightlife institution No Way Back continues its tradition of... More >>

  • Still Going: Show Preview

    published December 26, 2012

    "Work That Shit Party" is a hell of a manifesto to get behind, but it works for New York house outfit Still Going. Also the name of one... More >>

  • Marcel Vogel: Show Preview

    published December 19, 2012

    A label like Lumberjacks in Hell seems designed to conjure false associations. Though its name might bring to mind a bunch of bearded metal... More >>

  • Ben UFO: Show Preview

    published December 12, 2012

    The results are in, and Ben Thomson (aka Ben UFO) ranks No. 21 (out of 100) on Resident Advisor's authoritative Top DJs of 2012 list.... More >>

  • Model 500: Show Preview

    published November 14, 2012

    Quite a few claim the title of "Godfather of House," but nobody disputes Juan Atkins' stature as the man who invented Detroit techno. Working... More >>

  • Mount Kimbie: Show Preview

    published November 7, 2012

    Though dubstep might be associated with robo-flatulence and car alarm noises in the United States, it's something entirely different in its... More >>

  • Urulu: Show Preview

    published October 24, 2012

    Screaming divas, ethereal pads, and the smooth rush of TR-909 hi-hats — '90s nostalgia is back full-bore, and with it an entirely new... More >>

  • DJ Bus Station John: Show Preview

    published October 10, 2012

    "It's no secret anymore! I've always been a little black girl trapped in the body of a big white bear — and now I'm letting her out!"... More >>

  • Body & SOUL Focuses on the Party, Not the DJ

    published October 3, 2012

    Sometime in the last two decades of dance music, we clubgoers lost the plot, turning away from one another and toward the DJ booth. We moved... More >>

  • Sweater Funk: Show Preview

    published September 26, 2012

    As the saying goes, "Wrong music, wrong place, wrong night ... three wrongs make it right!" At least, that's the tagline Sweater Funk... More >>

  • Dixon: Show Preview

    published September 26, 2012

    It's hard to imagine the city of Berlin without Dixon behind the controls. However, it might very well have come to pass. The... More >>

  • Dr. Dunks: Show Preview

    published September 12, 2012

    He might not have a medical degree, but Dr. Dunks (aka Eric Duncan) should have a Ph.D. in the art of partying. Raised in L.A., he began... More >>

  • Mascara and oOoOO: Show Preview

    published September 5, 2012

    Who would have guessed that goths and hip-hoppers would find common ground? As improbable as this might seem, it's been a regular happening for... More >>

  • Lovefingers: Show Preview

    published August 29, 2012

    If the past decade of music proves anything, it's that the impossible can happen. Case in point: The popular revival of disco in the mid-'00s,... More >>

  • Hieroglyphic Being: Show Preview

    published August 22, 2012

    Chicago has a history of fostering the talents of outsider jazz musicians. The most famous of these is Sun Ra, but look closer and you'll find... More >>

  • Teengirl Fantasy: Show Preview

    published August 8, 2012

    "Golden Wheelz aka Ace is definitely the wild guy of the group ... He's always having adventurez hiking and just DOING TRICKZ (on his bike of... More >>

  • 5kinAndBone5: Show Preview

    published July 11, 2012

    Scroll past the dystopian sprawl of William Gibson's matrix and the tech-horror prophecies of Greg Egan, and you'll find the Tumblr of... More >>

  • Nick Waterhouse: R&B Prodigy

    published June 6, 2012

    A bad breakup, a dead-end job, and a music career on the skids: Add some rhythm to those blues and you've got the makings of a serious R&B club... More >>

  • 3 Kings of House

    published April 25, 2012

    There's no denying the physical dexterity and narrative genius that seems to flow from the masters of New York-style house DJing. If you've never... More >>

  • DJ Kaos

    published April 4, 2012

    Usually, when Berlin is mentioned in a musical context, it’s in reference to the city’s thriving club scene. Yet, dig deeper under the... More >>

  • Murk: Show Preview

    published March 7, 2012

    First it was "fuck art, let's dance." Then came "fuck dance, let's art." Now it seems a compromise has been made with Arts&Beats, a new party... More >>

  • Drink: Beat Happening: A Guide to the S.F. Nightlife Renaissance

    published March 7, 2012

    The last couple years have seen San Francisco nightlife reborn. Amid a recovering economy, with yet another tech boom looming, the city has... More >>

  • ESG: Show Preview

    published February 29, 2012

    They came from the Bronx with a tough style of dance music that blended the take-no-shit attitude of punk with the insistent beat of disco. The... More >>

  • Jonas Reinhardt: Show Preview

    published February 22, 2012

    Hear the music of Jonas Reinhardt and you'd be forgiven for thinking that it was made in some artist's commune in Cold War-era West... More >>

  • Haceteria: Show Preview

    published February 1, 2012

    "You'll never see the hacienda. It doesn't exist. The hacienda must be built." This famous line from proto-Situationist Ivan Chtcheglov's... More >>

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