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  • Hit List

    published December 26, 2007

    It's that time of year again. Our six critics don't always (or often) agree, but we've combined their top 10 lists (allowing for ties) to... More >>

  • Support Group

    published December 26, 2007

    Some years it can be hard to come up with enough stellar lead performances to make an awards minyan. But every year is a good year for... More >>

  • Savage Love

    published December 19, 2007

    Simmering below the squeamish elder-care euphemism "uncharted territory" is a fearful awareness that when it comes to dealing with the growing... More >>

  • Grounded

    published December 12, 2007

    Kites fly high over the San Francisco Bay and Kabul (okay, China), but not much else soars in Marc Forster's flaccid adaptation of Khaled... More >>

  • Intelligent Design

    published December 12, 2007

    In Starting Out in the Evening, a new film by Andrew Wagner, a pneumatic graduate student spreads honey over the face of the elderly New... More >>

  • Sorry State of Affairs

    published December 5, 2007

    Rereading Ian McEwan's Atonement last weekend, my first thought was: I hope to God that Joe Wright — whose broadly grinning... More >>

  • Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium Not That Wonderful

    published November 14, 2007

    Midway through the amiable children's movie Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium, there comes a speech that I'll wager writer-director Zach... More >>

  • Dull Roar

    published November 7, 2007

    Less a war drama than a set of dueling position papers, Robert Redford's Lions for Lambs may be the gabbiest movie ever made about... More >>

  • Kenneth Branagh's Sleuth Remake Relies on Caine's Black Comedy

    published October 17, 2007

    Before he snagged the lead in Joseph L. Mankiewicz' 1972 screen version of Anthony Shaffer's 1970 stage play Sleuth, Laurence Olivier... More >>

  • Lars and the Real Girl

    published October 17, 2007

    How painful to watch Ryan Gosling, one of the most elastic actors of his generation, smirk and gawp and grimace his way through Craig... More >>

  • Torture Flick Rendition' Makes Us Water-Bored

    published October 17, 2007

    Late in Rendition, in case you've been blind and deaf enough not to have cottoned to the drift, a tense Washington exchange on the... More >>

  • 'Across the Universe': Help!

    published September 12, 2007

    After Hair, Hairspray, and the mass marketing of tie-dye, can the '60s be shrunk to fit any further? Yes, indeed, here comes... More >>

  • Walk Through the Valley

    published September 12, 2007

    Even the most adamantly antiwar movies about American soldiers returning from Vietnam—Hal Ashby's Coming Home (1978) and Oliver... More >>

  • Romp and Circumstance

    published August 1, 2007

    Oh, wipe that starchy Masterpiece Theatre moue off your face — pop Jane Austen is fun, especially when it's almost completely made up.... More >>

  • Blah-Blah Sisterhood

    published June 27, 2007

    Parked uneasily between sensitive indie and studio chick-flick, Lajos Koltai's Evening makes star-studded hash of Susan Minot's... More >>

  • Every Rose Has Its Thorn

    published June 6, 2007

    Uplifted beyond its merits by a stunning performance from Marion Cotillard, the humdrum biopic of Edith Piaf, La Vie En Rose, jogs... More >>

  • Memory Loss

    published May 9, 2007

    In the superbly tacit chamber piece Away From Her, intolerable pressure is brought to bear on the 44-year marriage between a college... More >>

  • BookScam

    published April 4, 2007

    Lest we imagine that the publishing industry went to hell only after James Frey and J.T. Leroy clambered on board, here comes Lasse Hallström... More >>

  • Post-War

    published March 28, 2007

    Awash in daily news of mass savagery, collective memory grows short. We feel for the women of Afghanistan, but who these days remembers the war... More >>

  • Culture Clash

    published March 7, 2007

    Packed with female book club members, a screening of Mira Nair's The Namesake left no doubt about the film's target audience. If anyone's... More >>

  • Miss Congeniality

    published January 3, 2007

    I am sorry to say that Peter did not feel very well that evening. His mother put him to bed and gave him a dose of chamomile tea. "One... More >>

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