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  • It Takes Blood and Guts

    published April 28, 2010

    For those who like their comedy black, their theater aisles running with blood, and their cinema cultish, Joshua Grannell’s new movie fits... More >>

  • Salacious Drag from Ancient Greece

    published April 28, 2010

    First staged in 1972, Hot Greeks mixed the homoeroticism of college football with the dire stakes of the Peloponnesian War.... More >>

  • Club preview: Wet and Wild

    published April 14, 2010

    The name Wet and Wild evokes images of a bargain makeup brand, water slides, and pornography. It's also a party that washes over SOMA... More >>

  • Good Morning Noisemaker

    published April 14, 2010

    New Yorker music critic Alex Ross made an auspicious, much-applauded book debut a couple of years ago with The Rest Is Noise: Listening... More >>

  • Like a High-Heeled Moonwalk

    published April 14, 2010

    Move over, This Is It: A dozen drag-world denizens take to the stage tonight, hell-bent on further warping, memorializing, and queering the... More >>

  • Exploding Hotels and Homosexual Secrets

    published April 7, 2010

    When a young gay flight attendant who isn't quite romantically involved with a Saudi prince vanishes during a terrorist bombing of a Hong Kong... More >>

  • Papal Heretics in Wonderland

    published March 24, 2010

    Dancing queens, lapsed Catholics, and the park-going public all have reason to titter with delight this Easter as we commemorate the you-know-what... More >>

  • It’s an Honor Just to Be Aggravated

    published February 24, 2010

    It seems like only last March that Hollywood was holding its annual celebration of how great it is for the 81st time. Yes, it's that time of year... More >>

  • People Who Need Sing-Alongs

    published February 10, 2010

    “Life’s candy, and the sun’s a ball of butter/Don’t bring around a cloud to rain on my parade!” So sang Barbra Streisand... More >>

  • Love’s Sweet Velocipede

    published February 3, 2010

    Who says love can only be found while dining on braised pheasant and Michelin stars with hedge fund analysts and when followed by a romantic... More >>

  • Looking for Something?

    published January 6, 2010

    The first month of a new, potentially apocalyptic decade means one thing for sure: makeovers, makeovers, makeovers. As such, Tiara Sensation, that... More >>

  • Snapshots in Time

    published January 6, 2010

    Lovers of the lively, the encyclopedic, and the lavish labyrinth of American history can take heart in a kaleidoscopic new survey of the Land of... More >>

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