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  • Waxing World Weary

    published October 25, 2000

    San Francisco's own Warren Sonbert (1947-1995) kept such a low profile that few knew he was an avant-garde filmmaker with world-class... More >>

  • New World Order

    published August 23, 2000

    The advent of cheap video technologies brought with it the hope that average Joe 'n' Jane filmmakers could trump the mainstream by producing... More >>

  • Will the Real Karen Black Please Stand Up?

    published July 19, 2000

    In some rarefied circles, Karen Black is best known as the inspiration for the Grand Guignol nudist band the Voluptuous Horror of Karen... More >>

  • All's Quiet on the Film Front

    published July 5, 2000

    San Francisco has become ground zero for a culture of noise -- blasting jackhammers, the screeching tires of SUVs (fleeing a hit-and-run, no... More >>

  • We're Here, We're Queer

    published June 14, 2000

    Film festivals are often as much about community as they are about cinema, particularly in the case of niche events like the San Francisco... More >>

  • Drawing in the Shadows

    published May 17, 2000

    Noir's reach approaches the absurd -- witness the Roxie's recent festival, which featured "diesel noir," "swamp noir," and numerous other... More >>

  • Jack of All Trades

    published May 10, 2000

    There are many contenders for the crown of king of camp, but infamous 1960s New York underground filmmaker Jack Smith (1932-1989) surely... More >>

  • Zoom Lens

    published May 3, 2000

    The "big house," midnight cityscapes, and sleazy hotels, yes -- but swamps? produce markets? LSD parties? Judging by the Roxie's exhaustive,... More >>

  • Ready or Not

    published April 19, 2000

    This year's documentaries lineup at the SFIFF would warm Alan Greenspan's heart: It's all exuberance, without any pesky irrationality. Indeed,... More >>

  • Water Wings

    published April 19, 2000

    In MGM's 1952 kitschsterpiece Million Dollar Mermaid, an impresario says, "Movies are growing bigger every day!" He was right -- the... More >>

  • Loved, Loving, and a Little Bit Bubbly

    published April 19, 2000

    Received wisdom calls Walt Disney, the Warner brothers, the Fleischers, Winsor McKay, et al. the giants of animation, but contemporaries of these... More >>

  • Collage Industry

    published March 15, 2000

    "I consider myself a maker of moving collages," Lawrence Jordan once told an interviewer, but this self-assessment is deceptive in... More >>

  • Digital Dystopias

    published March 15, 2000

    It's too bad -- and also hard to believe -- that Ian Kerkhof isn't an American. He'd have made an ideal fifth member of the infamous... More >>

  • Fest for the Senses

    published February 16, 2000

    Sundance has its Slamdance, Slumdance, and, yes, even Son-of-Sam Dance. Here in the Bay Area, where plush megafests saturate their fair share of... More >>

  • Shaking Up Iran

    published February 2, 2000

    With the alleged Y2Pocalypse safely behind us, we can refocus our fears on more realistic terrors -- earthquakes! Fantasy tableaux of rivers... More >>

  • Co(s)mic Chaos

    published January 12, 2000

    Brooklyn émigré George Kuchar, along with his twin brother Mike, is the paterfamilias of sleazy underground filmmaking. After... More >>

  • Return of the Indie

    published January 5, 2000

    "Indie" has become one of the more nebulous terms in the cultural lexicon -- how independent is a movie released by a subsidiary of Disney?... More >>

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