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  • Hear This

    published December 18, 2002

    Not much has changed since Iggy Pop first wailed, "It's 1969, OK?/ War across the U.S.A." Our government is still bombing the shit out of foreign... More >>

  • Land of the Lost

    published November 13, 2002

    To achieve godlike status, a rock group must have more than just songs -- it must have a concept. The Rolling Stones had satanic decadence; Devo... More >>

  • Preaching to the Disconcerted

    published June 12, 2002

    The Bay Area experimental music scene is a small one: small clubs, small groups, and most often small crowds. In this microcosm, one local man is... More >>

  • Flock You

    published March 20, 2002

    Outside the Bay Area, rock bands with women playing guitars and drums are still somewhat scarce. Sure, you'll get acts with female singers and... More >>

  • Hear This

    published March 13, 2002

    A visit by New Zealand noise trio The Dead C is cause for much rejoicing, considering that the legendary group has toured the U.S. only once... More >>

  • Sound Bites

    published January 16, 2002

    Sometimes the difference between noise and music is all in your head. The above quote is not from a John Cage manifesto; rather, it's... More >>

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