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  • On the Right Track

    published December 8, 1999

    After five years in San Francisco, my friend Dana is leaving -- a sad thing, for sure, but there it is. You could say our paths crossed a few... More >>

  • The Debauching of K --

    published December 1, 1999

    Despite our jaded age, I've always believed in the sanctity of weddings, those special occasions when two souls declare a love unrelenting and ask... More >>

  • Battle Sushi

    published November 17, 1999

    There is nothing on this Earth that I adore more than sushi, or just about any seafood prepared in the tradition of the land of the rising sun. In... More >>

  • The Taste of Change

    published November 3, 1999

    The Tenderloin, historically San Francisco's most vice-ridden neighborhood, is also, perhaps, its most tolerant and diverse community. It's a home... More >>

  • The Thai of Your Life

    published October 20, 1999

    It took a while to realize just how deeply Basil had screwed me. I was having dinner with a friend at another Thai restaurant. Not a fabulous one,... More >>

  • A Walk on the Mild Side

    published October 13, 1999

    A terrible thing happened to my friend Michelle a few weeks back. We were having cocktails at a certain high-end hotel and eatery when the... More >>

  • A Maki Among Maki

    published September 29, 1999

    Like many before me who've migrated to the city of St. Francis, I first hung my hat in the perpetually fogbound Sunset District, that unassuming... More >>

  • The Tenderloin's Burden

    published September 22, 1999

    A proposal to open a 100-bed shelter for homeless families in the Tenderloin has spawned a debate that strikes at the heart of the neighborhood's... More >>

  • The Roadhouse Less Traveled

    published September 22, 1999

    I was walking along Jones Street in the Tenderloin the other day when the former director of a neighborhood advocacy group chased me down to... More >>

  • 2,000 Millimeters Under the Sea

    published September 1, 1999

    I had a feeling my girlfriend and I were in for something more than your average dinner when, after I called Forbes Island to make a reservation,... More >>

  • Summer Vacation

    published August 25, 1999

    The great Ralph Waldo Emerson once wrote that traveling is a fool's paradise; that no matter where a person journeys in search of intoxicating... More >>

  • Committee of Discord

    published August 18, 1999

    A long-running series of skirmishes between Dr. Shahnaz Nikpay, head of the nonprofit San Francisco Health Plan, and an advisory committee made up... More >>

  • Tender Box

    published July 21, 1999

    A soft-spoken woman in her mid-40s, Jojo moved to the Tenderloin District in 1983. She keeps her small, one-bedroom apartment immaculate: simple... More >>

  • Sweetbreads and Fried Cream

    published June 23, 1999

    There's nothing I like better than visiting an old favorite, especially for the very first time. And what's more, sometimes a city dweller just... More >>

  • Hunting in the Shadows

    published June 9, 1999

    The hunt begins around midafternoon at 35th and Peralta streets in West Oakland. Under a freeway overpass draped with ivy, Alex McElree steps out... More >>

  • Chilling Out

    published June 2, 1999

    Springtime in San Francisco is a brief respite of sunshine between the harsh rains of winter and the cold, cruel summer fog. An almost celebratory... More >>

  • Pleasantville

    published April 7, 1999

    The steady rumble of Interstate 80 falls behind as you walk out onto the Albany Landfill, until the cars seem to float silently in the distance... More >>

  • Industry: Working 9 to 5 (a.m.)

    published April 7, 1999

    It is just after 2 a.m. in the VIP room at "Release," and Martel and Nabiel are hard at work. Of course, to the untrained eye, Martel and Nabiel... More >>

  • Industry: Take This Job!

    published February 17, 1999

    Ah, the joys of job hunting -- that time in life when your bank account begins to wither and dark thoughts encroach: Maybe I could live in a... More >>

  • Out of Sight, Out of Minds

    published January 27, 1999

    They call their meetings in "secret," just like the old Freemasons used to do. They represent a powerless, often despised minority in San... More >>

  • Industry: Disaster Area

    published January 13, 1999

    One takes certain things for granted when visiting the city's finer eateries -- that a table will be waiting, drinks and appetizers will arrive... More >>

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