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  • Chicken and a Twinki

    published December 26, 2001

    It didn't take long for my friend Rachel to form an opinion about Emmy's Spaghetti Shack. "This is the coolest restaurant I've been to all... More >>

  • Small Talk

    published December 19, 2001

    Of the many kinds of bars in the bar-friendly Mission District -- dance bars, live band bars, rowdy-ass drinking bars -- one of the most difficult... More >>

  • Sweet Spot

    published December 12, 2001

    To dine at Aziza is to experience a rare brand of luxury that leaves no sense untouched. Step inside and you'll encounter dusky cobalt walls,... More >>

  • A Night Less Traveled

    published December 5, 2001

    Other than one obvious drawback for 9-to-5ers (that'd be Monday morning), Sunday is a fine night to drink. The weekend warriors have gone home,... More >>

  • Fresh Start

    published November 28, 2001

    Any love I had for the Cow Hollow stretch of Union Street suffered a pair of serious blows earlier this year. During the first incident, I dropped... More >>

  • Believers

    published November 21, 2001

    Of all the bars on Geary Boulevard -- or Geary Street, or Earth for that matter -- few have a name as intriguing as Would You Believe?... More >>

  • Mixed Blessing

    published November 14, 2001

    People think it must be easy being a food critic: You just eat, drink, jot down an opinion, and send your employer the bill, right? Though that... More >>

  • Weighty Matter

    published November 7, 2001

    It's no great secret that these are tough times in the restaurant business. I personally find it all a bit disheartening, since I never like to... More >>

  • Folsom Street Flair

    published November 7, 2001

    With the exception of the chilled-out scene at El Bobo, the bars on Folsom near 11th tend to suck. Instead, do your thing on 11th Street... More >>

  • La Vida Local

    published October 31, 2001

    Have I mentioned the wonderful, bustling scene that seems to have erupted across the Mission District? I have -- everyone has. All the... More >>

  • Straight Shooters

    published October 24, 2001

    If you're interested in playing competitive bar pool with the 49-team San Francisco Pool Tavern Association,... More >>

  • Spice of Life

    published October 17, 2001

    The folks who run 16th Street's Al Hamra (a Pakistani joint) don't always come off as the most polished restaurateurs. "Hello?" answered a man... More >>

  • Swerving on Irving

    published October 10, 2001

    The stretch of Irving Street to the west of 19th Avenue is a self-contained village of pho houses, Chinese restaurants, bakeries, cafes, and bars... More >>

  • Royal High

    published October 3, 2001

    Sometimes it's nice to get away from the urban grind, to spend a few weeks in the Greek islands, a few days on the coast, or even a few hours in... More >>

  • All That Glitters

    published September 19, 2001

    The year 2001 started off as the least remarkable in recent memory. It's not like '98, when big things were coming and you could feel a certain... More >>

  • The Mix

    published September 12, 2001

    There's always something in the air when you step into a hot new bar. It might be excitement, attitude, marijuana smoke, or all three, but at... More >>

  • Down on the Corner

    published September 5, 2001

    The first time a friend told me about 26's Corner, I was reminded of the time a different friend told me about Sanraku: Once again I learned that... More >>

  • Heart's Content

    published August 29, 2001

    I've reviewed my share of restaurants during the past 2 1/2 years, from high-end destination eateries to homey little holes-in-the-wall, plus a... More >>

  • Electric Avenue

    published August 29, 2001

    If you like bars where people curse freely and drink during the middle of the day, the Albany stretch of San Pablo Avenue may be your dream come... More >>

  • Too Close for Comfort

    published August 22, 2001

    Judging by the crowds at the recently opened Palatino, Bernal Heights needed a good Italian restaurant. It's not that Cortland Avenue, the main... More >>

  • Yuet Lee

    published August 15, 2001

    Let's all take a moment to bow our heads in silent tribute to one of San Francisco's most irreplaceable civic treasures. It's not a bridge, a... More >>

  • The Outer Limits

    published August 15, 2001

    There are many ways to drink on Mission Street. You can do it with suit-sporting fat cats at Boulevard or out of a paper bag among crackheads at... More >>

  • That Voodoo

    published August 8, 2001

    I've lived in the Mission District for almost six years, and in that time I've developed a certain pride in the neighborhood. In fact, I'll toot... More >>

  • Heaven on Earth

    published August 1, 2001

    My friend Peter's idea of a fine meal used to run as follows: buttered English muffins, barbecued ribs, and a pint of Häagen-Dazs for... More >>

  • The Mix

    published August 1, 2001

    Japantown's Hukilau is one of those friendly, welcoming bars where people toast a lot... More >>

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