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  • Final Exit

    published November 29, 1995

    Anyone inclined to codify the principles that prop up the bloated enigma that is Urge Overkill should look no further than "Empire Builder," from... More >>

  • Margin Walkers

    published November 1, 1995

    The niche that Fugazi occupies -- in terms of music and marketing, and the uneasy alliance between the two -- has become synonymous with the... More >>

  • Moon Rocks

    published September 13, 1995

    If it's true, as scientists and sages say, that sound waves never really die, then what happens after they break free of the conduits and enter... More >>

  • Samples

    published September 13, 1995

    Marathon Session "Frequently the voice of the masses is nothing but farts," noted a radio program director during a panel at the CMJ Music... More >>

  • Recordings

    published August 30, 1995

    The Dambuilders Ruby Red (Eastwest Records) Unless you're fortunate enough to be a nouveau punque, making your pop dreams rock... More >>

  • Recordings

    published August 16, 1995

    Dirty Three Dirty Three (Touch and Go) Displaying a reticence that barely conceals a fluid sense of dynamics, Dirty Three... More >>

  • Sticky Fingers

    published July 26, 1995

    The story of postwar pop is littered with outmoded technologies as surely as it is cluttered with discarded styles and poses. The ability to... More >>

  • Recordings

    published June 28, 1995

    Anton Szandor LaVey Satan Takes a Holiday (Amarillo Records) Longtime San Franciscan Anton LaVey is probably best-known as the... More >>

Archives: 1996 | 1995
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