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  • Onward Christian Ex-Gays

    published December 22, 2004

    "OK, time to get into the hot seat!" the leader of the Fellow Warrior support group announces. I'm herded over to the coffee table in the center... More >>

  • Ouch, My Third Eye Hurts!

    published December 8, 2004

    Yes, I, Mr. Big-and-Clever, will now infiltrate a New Age convention in Marin County, searching for Yanni-inspired, dolphin-blazoned... More >>

  • Wake Up, America!

    published November 24, 2004

    With a whistle on my lips, a song in my heart, and maybe even a skip in my step, I saunter by a sign that reads "No Loaded Guns Past This Point."... More >>

  • Infiltrator: I was an Abortion Protestor!

    published November 10, 2004

    "People will be driving by, flipping you off," Charlie explains over the phone. "If you can take that sort of thing, then you're our kind of guy!"... More >>

  • Haunted House–a–Boo-Boo

    published October 27, 2004

    It's Halloween. Booooooo! Wooooo! Sorry to scare you, but it's for good reason. I came across an ad on Craigslist trumpeting the need for... More >>

  • Grand Old Partying

    published October 13, 2004

    "Republicans! Republicans!" I chant with my arms in the air, entering the GOP state convention at the Hyatt hotel by the airport. The... More >>

  • Friend's Best Man

    published September 29, 2004

    "Ever wonder what your pets feel and what they have to say?" questions an ad featuring a smiley woman hugging her dog. "They are angels beside us... More >>

  • Mr. Manners

    published September 22, 2004

    "Present yourself with confidence and authority in any business or social situation!" the Web site says, showing pictures of people in business... More >>

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