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  • New Emily Jane White video: Dagger

    published Dec 14, 2007

    (Emily Jane White's last YouTube'd video, for "Wild Tigers I Have Known") We're big fans of Emily Jane White here at the Weekly -- she made a couple staffers' best of 2007 list, and I'm thinking in ... More >>

  • Skankin' Pickle guitarist Lynette Knackstedt dies

    published Dec 13, 2007

    We received an email earlier this week that Skankin' Pickle guitarist Lynette Knackstedt died last week in the band's practice space. We're still waiting for confirmations on the details, but Punkne... More >>

  • RIP Ike Turner

    published Dec 12, 2007

    The controversial music legend died today at age 76. Full story here.... More >>

  • Wear your music snobbery on your sleeve

    published Dec 10, 2007

    Best music elitist shirt ever (thanks to John Graham for the link).... More >>

  • Local label Six Degrees earns three Grammy nods

    published Dec 07, 2007

    (Grammy nominee CéU) Congrats to local world-spanning label Six Degrees for picking up three Grammy nominations in 2007. New CDs by CéU, Bebel Gilberto, and Spanish Harlem Orchestra were recogni... More >>

  • Entering the Yelp universe

    published Dec 06, 2007

    (Yelp VIP Nish Nadaraja and friend, courtesy of Yelp) December is the best month for party-crashing. Open bars line the city as everyone from Hennessey to SOMA loft spaces hosts some sorta function... More >>

  • Classic metal -- or make that classical metal

    published Dec 06, 2007

    Just got the new zombie-friendly video from Judgment Day, a local metal band comprising a drummer, a cellist, and a violin player. If you like what they do with the living dead here, you can check o... More >>

  • Last Night: Vampire Weekend at the Independent

    published Dec 06, 2007

    (Vampire Weekend photo by Chrissy Loader) I’d hate to live in New York. Writer friends who live out there bitch about hyped bands that are “over” by their third show, and by the time the full-... More >>

  • Getting 'Saved with Mark Lanegan

    published Dec 05, 2007

    Of course, every time you make an end-of-year list, there’s some great act you forgot to add to it. Case in point: Soulsavers. I’ve been listening to the British group’s disc with Mark Lanegan... More >>

  • McCoy Tyner with Savion Glover tops SF JAZZ annoucement of spring lineup

    published Dec 04, 2007

    (McCoy Tyner) SF JAZZ announced this morning its spring lineup, which includes performances from McCoy Tyner with Savion Glover, Brad Mehldau, Jack DeJohnette, and more. Full press release below:SFJ... More >>

  • Lou Reed, Patti Smith, the Supremes: rare footage at SF Library

    published Dec 03, 2007

    (Lou Reed and John Cale -- "Waiting for the Man" 1972) If local rock historian Richie Unterberger didn't host his free monthly movie nights at the Page St. library, we'd still have YouTube. But comb... More >>

  • Peace, love, and lingerie: Hey Willpower's new video

    published Nov 30, 2007

    Local popsters Hey Willpower aren't releasing their latest disc, P.D.A., until Jan. 22. But the video for "Double Fantasy II" -- featuring the kids stripped down to their socks and undies -- went l... More >>

  • RIAA's purse strings clipped? Pretty please?

    published Nov 29, 2007

    BAGeL Radio reports today that record label EMI is considering slashing funding for the RIAA, that mean old organization that sues grannies and college kids for downloading music illegally. I echo Ted... More >>

  • Daft Punk + movie about robots + live laser show = your Friday night highlight

    published Nov 26, 2007

    (Electroma trailer) This year, Daft Punk debuted its version of Two Lane Blacktop-ennui with Electroma, an arty flick about two robots who trapse around a quiet town, experience a literal face melti... More >>

  • Beirut in Paris

    published Nov 16, 2007

    My pal Chrissy turned me on to this site for The Take-Away Shows, where musicians perform live on the streets of Paris. It’s all very sweet and precious and romantic and fun to watch. Especially ... More >>

  • U.S. Immigration is so Uptight

    published Nov 16, 2007

    Despite Mike Rowell's glowing plug for Japanese band Up-Tight in our Hear This picks ("[The band's] disc is a transcendent listen that ranges from ethereal melancholy to gargantuan guitar-freakout s... More >>

  • Tonight: Art and Hamburger Dudes

    published Nov 08, 2007

    (photo by Ray Potes) The Hamburger Eyes empire is expanding. First, the talented self-taught photographers launched their lauded magazine. Then they opened a "photo epicenter" earlier this year in t... More >>

  • Tonight: Local Chanteuse Emily Jane White Channels Cat Power

    published Nov 08, 2007

    It's a shame I didn't have space to plug Emily Jane White's CD release in print this week. The local twentysomething songwriter has an amazingly melancholy voice, which she uses to sing evocative ba... More >>

  • Memorial for J Church's Lance Hahn set for Nov. 11

    published Nov 02, 2007

    The San Francisco memorial for Lance Hahn -- the frontman for the best band to namecheck MUNI, J Church -- has been set for Sunday, Nov. 11, at the Hemlock at 5 p.m. Hanh died on October 21 at the you... More >>

  • Local actor screwed over by Will Smith's "Happyness"

    published Nov 02, 2007

    Nice that Will Smith got so much recognition for playing a struggling San Franciscan in the 2006 film The Pursuit of Happyness. But what about the plight of an actual San Franciscan -- a local acto... More >>

  • SF Garage Rock Faves Black Lips move to the big screen in 'Let It Be'

    published Nov 01, 2007

    Despite bad (gold) teeth, questionable mustaches, and scrawny physiques, Atlanta garage rockers the Black Lips are going to be little movie stars in the future. This according to a press release sen... More >>

  • And the Winners Are: Results from the '07 Music Awards

    published Oct 19, 2007

    Last night at Ruby Skye, we placed some very special trophies in the hands of all the winners for this year's SF Weekly Music Awards. Here's a recap of who went home with a figure of a twisty dude hol... More >>

  • Jack Kerouac's clan analyzed in the New Yorker

    published Oct 04, 2007

    The 50th anniversary of Jack Kerouac's On the Road has cast his famous book under new light, but the best essay I've read about both the novel and the pals who populated it is in the new issue of th... More >>

  • Howlin’ Rain’s guitarist seriously injured

    published Oct 04, 2007

    Howlin’ Rain is not only one of my favorite local rock acts, it’s also headed by a super good dude, Ethan Miller from Comets on Fire. The band posted some exciting news earlier this summer after h... More >>

  • FolkYeah brings fall fun to Big Sur

    published Sep 19, 2007

    (Ariel Pink) For those who like the idea of an intimate weekend music fest where you can sip wine under the redwood trees and retreat between songs to cozy campfires, FolkYeah hosts pretty much the ... More >>

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