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  • Tonight! Mushroom with jazz great Eddie Gale

    published Jul 12, 2007

    Last week we ran this piece about psychedelic genre-tweakers Mushroom, and their pairing with legendary trumpter and Sun Ra/Coltrane pal Eddie Gale. Tonight's your chance to hear the fruits of their ... More >>

  • New club on Natoma row

    published Jul 12, 2007

    Last night I went to the little soft launch party for a new club called Temple. The place is located in SOMA, on Natoma row (Varnish, John Colins) but is tucked down there at the end, under the freewa... More >>

  • Cred Sheet: Stuff You Need to Know to Avoid Cultural Ostracism

    published Jul 11, 2007

    by Rob Harvilla Poignant Video Imagery R. Kelly and Usher playing pickup basketball in the "Same Girl" video. Neither of them is worth a damn in the low post. Patriotic Gestures Watching some dude a... More >>

  • Broken English: fixing the flaws in romantic comedies

    published Jul 11, 2007

    Most romantic comedies are abysmally trite. They either show the cute, quirky blonde fumbling along until she meets Mr. Dashing and it all works out in the end, or they show the cute, quirky blonde ... More >>

  • M.I.A. at Rickshaw Stop

    published Jul 10, 2007

    This show is probably going to sell out in the amount of time it took to announce it. But if you're really quick with the credit card this Friday when tickets go on sale (and if M.I.A. finally makes i... More >>

  • Last Night: Band of Horses at Great American

    published Jul 06, 2007

    Band of Horses July 5, 2007 Great American Music Hall Better Than: The “gnarliest song ever, but also the awesomest song ever,” to quote one very passionate fan shrieking near me. If you think... More >>

  • This Afternoon: Earth at Amoeba

    published Jul 05, 2007

    Earth July 5, 2007 Better Than: Sitting in your office at 2 p.m., unless your office happens to be the riverbank of a magical forest in the middle of nowhere. If so, I want a job there too. For a ... More >>

  • Raccoo-oo-oon at the Heml-oo-ck

    published Jul 04, 2007

    (Totally pro shot by Jennifer Maerz) Raccoo-oo-oon July 3, 2007 The Hemlock Better Than: Getting stoned in your basement with a bunch of techie music freaks Great effort was put into coming up with... More >>

  • Everyone's a winner tonight: Riverboat Gamblers at Elbo Room

    published Jun 25, 2007

    Straight-up, old-fashioned, good-times rock ‘n’ roll: The Riverboat Gamblers have put years of sweat equity into delivering this specialty to the masses. Added bonus: These Texas punks are never ... More >>

  • SF Weekly is looking for arts writers

    published Jun 21, 2007

    So you love pop culture (music, theater, visual art, dance, multi-media combos of all of the above)? And you love writing (have clips, keep a blog, have plenty of opinions and not enough places to pri... More >>

  • Traditional Fools go through some serious LB drama

    published Jun 20, 2007

    The Traditional Fool’s Laguna Beach parody is pretty freakin’ hilarious. As if there weren’t enough reasons already to love these garage punks from “Trashcancisco.” --... More >>

  • Last Night: Gang Gang Dance and Ariel Pink at the Independent

    published Jun 19, 2007

    Jennifer Maerz ... More >>

  • Mmmmm ... Dookie

    published Jun 19, 2007

    Rolling Stone magazine reported this week that local punks Green Day are both making a cameo in the upcoming The Simpsons Movie and have written the animated flick's theme song. The rag says the sin... More >>

  • M.I.A., DJ Shadow, and Modest Mouse: shipwrecked on Treasure Island!

    published Jun 18, 2007

    Modest Mouse photo by Michael Alan Goldberg So it’s official. Noise Pop and Another Planet Entertainment are gonna give San Francisco a reason to hit that lovely isle off the coast of the Embarcad... More >>

  • Pour me some Sugar (C.L.A.W.S., Frameline, Sugar & Gold)

    published Jun 15, 2007

    Photo by Wes Rowe With the Mel Cheren film The Godfather of Disco playing Frameline this weekend/next week, and summer hanging in there by a cocktail straw, tonight’s an excellent time work up a p... More >>

  • Last Night: The Fratellis at the Fillmore

    published Jun 15, 2007

    (photo courtesy Ted Leibowitz/BAGeL Radio) The Fratellis June 14, 2007 The Fillmore Better Than: That first show you could go to without the folks in tow, that one where you made out with the cute d... More >>

  • Make. It. Stop. (Bangles)

    published Jun 14, 2007

    Ok, it was bound to happen some time. All the cool bands reunite, and then, out of the musty radio archives, stumble the D-listers who aren’t worth a spot on a wedding DJ setlist, let alone a reuni... More >>

  • Chow Nasty gets arty with The Party's Over

    published Jun 08, 2007

    One doesn’t normally associate San Francisco’s playful funksters Chow Nasty with serious behavior. But bassist Joey Enos is nonetheless convinced that “The Party’s Over” -- at least when it... More >>

  • Reppin' the Western Addition

    published Jun 06, 2007

    It's all happening in the Western Addition, doncha know. Between the Page bar and Little Star Pizza, you can keep your gullet stuffed on a budget. But if you also require something to nip the hunger... More >>

  • Gettin’ High on Death

    published Jun 06, 2007

    High on Fire is back in the studio, working on a new record to be titled Death is This Communion. The first secret to be leaked about this one is that our local metal kings are totally going grunge! T... More >>

  • Coconuts and half-banana bassists are way cool

    published May 25, 2007

    Seattle delinquents from the Charming Snakes and Unnatural Helpers never resist arrests that lead to “Party Jail” in their collaborative effort as Coconut Coolouts. You want jerky rock 'n' roll ir... More >>

  • Emily Jane White tonight

    published May 25, 2007

    Here’s some reinforment for Hiya’s post about Wild Tigers I Have Known … great movie, great local band soundtrack. And to prep yourself for Emily Jane White’s contributions, we’d recommend c... More >>

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