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  • KISS's Ace Frehley hits SF

    published Feb 04, 2008

    For all the butt rock and hair metal I sucked down as a kid, I never did get dizzy over KISS. Sure they put out a couple great jukebox tracks, but overall their visual fireworks were a lot more ente... More >>

  • Chris Hakius splits from OM

    published Feb 01, 2008

    (Om's Al Cisnerosto and Chris Hakius) Om was a two piece...but now that drummer Chris Hakius has officially left the band it doesn't leave much for the riff master Al Cisnerosto play around with. So... More >>

  • New Emily Jane White video!

    published Jan 31, 2008

    (new video for "Dark Undercoat") I can't get enough of Emily Jane White's moody, moving folk, and the title track from last year's Dark Undercoat is one of my favorite tracks of hers. So I'm stoked ... More >>

  • Scarlett Johansson Covering Tom Waits???

    published Jan 24, 2008

    I know this has been in the works for a while now, but how does this shit happen? Just because you acted for Sophia Coppola and fooled around with J. Timberlake doesn't give you cred to cover Tom Wait... More >>

  • They've Put a Hex on Me

    published Jan 24, 2008

    (Hex Dispensers by There’s been a serious lapse in great garage rock releases as of late. There was a time when the good shit was being poured out like so much cheap beer—now a ... More >>

  • RIAA attempts to shake $3000 from UCSC student

    published Jan 23, 2008

    Yesterday's Chron reported that the RIAA is continuing down its college student hit list, this time targeting a UCSC legal studies student charged with sharing 599 songs. Good news is she plans on fig... More >>

  • Heath Ledger Dead at Age 28

    published Jan 22, 2008

    There are suggestions his death was drug-related. And maybe he was found naked at Mary-Kate Olsen's place... More >>

  • Club Hide closes

    published Jan 16, 2008

    Our clubs editor, John Graham, received news today of the closing of Club Hide over on 7th and Folsom: After over 20 years, Club Hide (formerly Rawhide) has closed it doors. They had been struggling... More >>

  • Noise Pop goes electro

    published Jan 15, 2008

    (MSTRKRFT) Noise Pop announced today that it's partnering with Blasthaus to add an electronic music element to its popular spring festival. Headlining Electropop acts include WALE and MSTRKRFT, with... More >>

  • Bay Area metal dominates the nation

    published Jan 15, 2008

    (Saviours live) Oakland's Saviours and High on Fire are heading out on tour together on the heels of the release of Saviour's new disc, Into Abaddon, hits stores Jan. 22. The tour hits Oakland on Fe... More >>

  • Fuzzy Bunnies, Finger Skateboards, and Scrabbel Pop

    published Jan 14, 2008

    ... More >>

  • Chilling McCarthy footage at limited SF MOMA screenings

    published Jan 07, 2008

    While the regular movie houses are flooded with future Oscar nominees, the best film I’ve seen lately has a very limited release, and was made over 40 years ago. Emile de Antonio’s debut documenta... More >>

  • Turf Talk in the NY Times

    published Jan 03, 2008

    Kalefa Sanneh has been steadily plugging the work of Bay Area rap vet Turf Talk in the NY Times as of late. Back in June, he gave West Coast Vaccine a plug, writing that although the disc was a little... More >>

  • Ex-Rogue Wave Bassist Evan Farrell Dies

    published Jan 02, 2008

    The holidays brought tragic news for local indie pop band Rogue Wave. Former bassist Evan Farrell died in a house fire in Oakland on December 23, according to an article in Billboard . Farrell, a fat... More >>

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