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  • 'Milk'ing The James Franco Interview

    published Nov 25, 2008

    (James Franco as Harvey Milk's partner, Scott Smith, in Milk)Man, Terry Gross really kisses ass when she interviews celebrities sometimes. Between the Fresh Air interview with Stephen Colbert last wee... More >>

  • MP3 of the Day: Colossal Yes

    published Nov 25, 2008

    Oh man do I love Utrillo Kushner's piano jams. Comets on Fire's drummer takes a breather from pounding out the thunder with his ivories-tickling side project, Colossal Yes. The band released an excell... More >>

  • Last Night: Deerhunter at the Great American Music Hall

    published Nov 25, 2008

    DeerhunterMonday, Nov. 22, 2008Great American Music HallWords by Jennifer Maerz, Photo by Chrissy LoaderBetter than: Getting yet another eyefull from Pitchfork about how great Deerhunter is.On record,... More >>

  • MP3 of the Day: Max Justus Remix

    published Nov 24, 2008

    (Max Justus, photo from his MySpace page)Missouri's Max Justus is getting a little boost as of late, thanks to a remix he did of Kanye's "Street Lights." He gave the track an excellent dubstep twist ... More >>

  • Friday Night: El Guincho at the Independent

    published Nov 23, 2008

    El GuinchoFriday, Nov. 21, 2008The Independent ( 628 Divisadero St.)Review by Jennifer MaerzBetter than: Watching your friends play Guitar Hero to Animal Collective. I imagine that being a o... More >>

  • Free French Holiday DJ party

    published Nov 21, 2008

    So you like French stuff? And you like free stuff? And you're looking to book your December datebook with as many holiday soirees as possible? Then here's one for the calendar: Rickshaw Stop is hos... More >>

  • MP3 of the Day: Of Montreal Remix

    published Nov 21, 2008

    Of Montreal fans hitting the band's show tonight at the Grand probbably already know they're in for an evening of flamboyant costumes, theatrical dancing, and a giant horse-like creature in place of... More >>

  • Hey DJ! Friday Q&A: Jef Stott

    published Nov 21, 2008

    Jef Stott's current address may be in California (LA/San Francisco), but his music is a global endeavor. Pulling from the instruments and sonic styles of the Middle East and North Africa, among othe... More >>

  • New G N'R Available For Free Streaming

    published Nov 20, 2008

    (Photo by George Chin, from G N'R's MySpace page) Curious about the new, long-awaited Guns N' Roses record, Chinese Democracy, but want to try before you buy? The entire album is now available for s... More >>

  • Grateful Dead Drummer Displays New Art

    published Nov 20, 2008

    ("Coral Reefer" by Mickey Hart) Grateful Dead fans can stop gazing at all those old posters and tie-dyes on Haight Street and check out more recent works of art by a member of those iconic hippies. ... More >>

  • MP3 of the Day: O'Death

    published Nov 20, 2008

    New York's O'Death takes old time country and Appalachian mountain music, douses it with the whiskied passion of a great punk sing-along, and then sets the concoction aflame with a rousing chorus of... More >>

  • MP3 of the Day: Mi Ami

    published Nov 19, 2008

    To help spread the good news on local "interstellar punks" Mi Ami, the San Francisco trio is the band behind today's MP3 of the Day. And what's this positive twist in their tale? The group signed to... More >>

  • Free E-40 Show Nov. 25

    published Nov 19, 2008

    (E-40 photo from his MySpace page) E-40 makes a rare local appearance at Rasputin in Berkeley this Tuesday, Nov. 25. His free, 6 p.m. performance is scheduled to promote 40's new disc, The Ball Str... More >>

  • "Swedish Dance Bands of the '70s": Hair and Flare

    published Nov 19, 2008

    I'm slightly speechless about this blog writer Mike Rowell forwarded my way, Swedish Dance Bands From the 70's. The site is one press/album photo after the next of Swedish dudes with long hair, bear... More >>

  • Funniest Song All Week ... So Far

    published Nov 18, 2008

    Hamster on a piano. Hamster on a piano. Hamster on a piano. Eating popcorn on a piano. --Jennifer Maerz (Thanks to Idolator for the tip).... More >>

  • Air Guitarists: Hesh Yer Heart Out, Get Some G N'R

    published Nov 18, 2008

    Those who didn't make it into the finals for the national Air Guitar Championships earlier this summer still have a chance to shred with invisible instruments for valuable prizes. Our homegrown air ... More >>

  • MP3 of the Day: Kanye West Mix-Tape

    published Nov 18, 2008

    While you wait for the new Kanye platter, 808s & Heartbreak, to hit the stores, check out his mixtape, Sky High. The 19-song set, commissioned by the man himself, is a track-by-track remix of Graduat... More >>

  • Streetlight Records to Close Noe Valley Store

    published Nov 17, 2008

    Thirty-two years after opening shop in Noe Valley, Streetlight Records is closing its flagship store. The 24th St. music outlet is shuttering due to a combination of poor CD sales and rising rents. ... More >>

  • Sleep Reunite for ATP

    published Nov 17, 2008

    Local heavy doom metal heroes Sleep took sludge to a whole new level in the 1990s. The San Jose act (bassist/vocalist Al Cisneros, guitarist Matt Pike, and drummer Chris Haikus) dropped some impress... More >>

  • MP3 of the Day: Ursula Bogner

    published Nov 17, 2008

    Whether the story of Ursula Bogner is fictional of factual, the tale of this German housewife with an eccentric electronics habit is a fascinating one. As the lore goes, Bogner spent the '60s as a p... More >>

  • Last Night: Gang Gang Dance at Bimbo's

    published Nov 15, 2008

    Gang Gang Dance Friday, Nov. 14, 2008 Bimbo's Words and photos by Jennifer Maerz Better than: Watching DJs push buttons on laptops. Where to stand during a Gang Gang Dance show? Last night at B... More >>

  • MP3 of the Day: Gang Gang Dance

    published Nov 14, 2008

    SF Weekly writer Ron Nachmann called them "the future of electronic dance music." Time Out NY called them the "g-spot of the universe." You can make up your own frothing at the mouth term for New Yo... More >>

  • Svenonius, Sun City, and Jello: Together at Cobb's

    published Nov 14, 2008

    (Ian Svenonius) Vice magazine will be filming an episode of its Soft Focus series this coming Wednesday at Cobb's Comedy Club. The basic idea for the show is to give musician/cultural instigator Ia... More >>

  • Hey DJ! Friday Q&A: Jimmy Love

    published Nov 14, 2008

    Jimmy Love's a self-proclaimed "white boy from New Mexico," but his tastemaking skills go beyond his ethnic or national origin. The DJ started one of San Francisco's most popular club nights -- Non ... More >>

  • Mitch Mitchell Dies

    published Nov 13, 2008

    (Mitch Mitchell photo by Michael Ochs from A Tribute to Mitch Mitchell) Drummer Mitch Mitchell, the last surviving member of the Jimi Hendrix Experience, was found dead Wednesday morning in his Port... More >>

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