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  • Culture Critic Jeff Chang Awarded 50 Grand

    published Nov 13, 2008

    Jeff Chang is more than your average music scholar. Tip of the iceberg details? The Berkeley author helped start the SoleSides label -- which became Quannum Projects; penned a number of books on hip... More >>

  • MP3 of the Day: James Blackshaw

    published Nov 13, 2008

    (James Blackshaw) British guitarist James Blackshaw makes incredible acoustic songs inspired by minimalist composers and the classical music of his homeland. He's a modern day John Fahey, repeating ... More >>

  • Free No Age Show Dec. 4

    published Nov 12, 2008

    (No Age) Think of it as an early Christmas present from your friendly corporate Santas. No Age and Titus Andronicus are hitting the road together for a free tour that hits San Francisco at the Ricks... More >>

  • MP3 of the Day: Antony and the Johnsons

    published Nov 12, 2008

    In her SF Weekly review of the new Antony and the Johnsons EP, Another World, Lily Moayeri writes that mastermind Antony Hegarty "has an uncanny ability to make misery sound positively fabulous." Ti... More >>

  • Vetiver Signs to Sub Pop

    published Nov 11, 2008

    (Photo by Alissa Anderson) Sub Pop is really getting the lock on harmony-rich, folk bent rock. First they corral Band of Horses and Fleet Foxes (who produced one of my albums of the year) and now th... More >>

  • MP3 of the Day: Two Sheds from The Bay Bridged

    published Nov 11, 2008

    The Bay Bridged is, of course, a great local resource for boning up on local band interviews, video and audio podcasts, and tour blogs. Now they're also in the CD business for the second round of th... More >>

  • MP3 of the Day: Alice Russell

    published Nov 07, 2008

    I'm not sure what they're feeding those UK young women to get those gospel pipes up to such great heights. The latest of the pasty ladies with hearts full of soul is Alice Russell, a Brighton reside... More >>

  • MP3 of the Day: Loquat

    published Nov 06, 2008

    (photo by Anthony Gordon) Local pop band Loquat recently released a new disc, Secrets of the Sea, after three years away from the studio. The result is a "sturdy collection of electronic-kissed guit... More >>

  • MP3 of the Day: Grampall Jookabox

    published Nov 05, 2008

    Now that cold, blustery, baby-making weather is upon us, it seems only fitting to post a song about the frustrations and complications in trying to turn your girlfriend into your baby mamma. Grampal... More >>

  • Willie Vlautin: Alcoholic for the Holidays

    published Nov 04, 2008

    Oregonian Willie Vlautin has multiple talents. He's the frontman for the alt country band Richmond Fontaine. He's a published author of excellent, Raymond Carver-esque stories about down on their lu... More >>

  • MP3 of the Day: Sam Cooke

    published Nov 04, 2008

    (Poster from Design for Obama) Election Day 2008. In my mind there's really only one song that captures the hope folks are feeling today as we wait for voting results: Sam Cooke's "A Change is Gonn... More >>

  • Last Night: She & Him at Bimbo's

    published Nov 03, 2008

    She & Him Monday, Nov. 3, 2008 Bimbo's Words by Jennifer Maerz, Photo by Chrissy Loader Better than: Jared Leto's 30 Seconds to Mars; Juliette and The Licks; Scarlett Johansson's Nico overkill on th... More >>

  • MP3 of the Day: Diplo

    published Nov 03, 2008

    For those heading out to see Diplo at Great American tonight, here's a little taste of what the tastemaker's been up to lately. Diplo dropped a new EP, Blow Your Head , last week, and the title trac... More >>

  • If Mos Def Was President

    published Nov 03, 2008

    If Mos Def was president, "America would be cool again. For real." And you wouldn't be allowed to say "shorty" for 100 years. Oh and there would be a national skateboarding day. Check it. -- Jennifer ... More >>

  • Work Off Halloween Candy In the Pool

    published Oct 31, 2008

    (Jeffery Paradise and Richie Panic) This Sunday, Blasthaus is hosting an indoor/outdoor pool party called The Country Club -- just in time to sweat out the booze and Twix bar combos you've been feed... More >>

  • MP3 of the Day: The One

    published Oct 31, 2008

    I sure hope Barack Obama doesn't turn out to be a dick once he gets into office--because then we'd have to take back the overflow of art and music that's been trumped up in his honor. As of this wee... More >>

  • Free Limited Edition Obama Silkscreens

    published Oct 30, 2008

    Rene Garcia Jr. is one of my favorite local artists (and not just because he's also a good friend of mine). He creates stunning, large scale portraits using glitter, suede, wood, and sand. He runs the... More >>

  • MP3 of the Day: Little Joy

    published Oct 30, 2008

    (photo by Autumn de Wilde) Who needs the Strokes anymore, really. It seems that band's members are much better off musically putting their skills into new projects, from guitarist Albert Hammond Jr.... More >>

  • Sonic Youth-Inspired Fiction

    published Oct 29, 2008

    The world does not need another tome telling the story of Sonic Youth. But a book of fiction inspired by the band's songs? Now that sounds interesting. On January 6, Harper's will release Noise: Ficti... More >>

  • MP3 of the Day: Mayyors

    published Oct 29, 2008

    There's a dude named Mark up in Sacramento who knows warped punk. He runs the Mt. St. Mtn. label -- which, in addition to releasing hot slabs of vinyl from the likes of the Sic Alps, Thee Oh Sees, a... More >>

  • New J-Boogie Video: Rollerskating, Breakdancing Jam

    published Oct 28, 2008

    Summer may be over outside, but inside the club, J-Boogie's Dubtronic Science is taking it back to the season of heat. And the crew isn't just rewinding the clock by dressing the ladies in those sho... More >>

  • MP3 of the Day: She Keeps Bees

    published Oct 28, 2008

    Today's MP3 of the Day comes from our managing editor Will Harper (no, not his band, which I imagine, given his taste in music, would be a strange combination of heavy metal and lesbian folk rock), ... More >>

  • Last Night: Sir Richard Bishop at Cafe du Nord

    published Oct 28, 2008

    Sir Richard Bishop Monday, October 27, 2008 Cafe du Nord By Jennifer Maerz Better than: Watching your guitar teacher perform covers, scales, and cool tuning maneuvers. Last night it really felt li... More >>

  • Franz Ferdiand Coming to Oakland for NSSN

    published Oct 27, 2008

    It's been a while since we've heard from Franz Ferdinand. The band is reading for a January 26 release of its third album -- of which they've posted one single, "Lucid Dreams," on their Web site. Th... More >>

  • MP3 of the Day; Crystal Stilts

    published Oct 27, 2008

    Not to be confused with the other "Crystals" of the music world (Crystal Castles, Crystal Method), Brooklyn's Crystal Stilts play hazy, druggy, AM-radio shoegazer pop that creeps into your conscious... More >>

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