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  • MP3 of the Day: Chris Pierce & Leela James

    published Oct 10, 2008

    One of the craziest celebrity deaths this year had to be the double whammy of Bernie Mac (who died August 9) and Isaac Hayes (who passed the next day). They'll both be making their final movie appea... More >>

  • New Video Looks at Artists and Activism

    published Oct 09, 2008

    Current TV recently posted a new video mixing music and politics in light of this heated election season. Click here to check out "Music and Politics '08," featuring interviews with Death Cab for Cut... More >>

  • MP3 of the Day: Turks

    published Oct 09, 2008

    (Turks, from the band's MySpace page) If you can judge a person by the friends they keep, makes sense to judge a band by its top MySpace friends. And in that context, Oakland's Turks sound pretty sw... More >>

  • 1960s Folk Rock Screening at Page St. Library

    published Oct 08, 2008

    Local rock historian Richie Unterberger is once again hosting his free and fabulous music-focused video footage series at the Page St. Library next week. On Wednesday, Oct. 15, from 7 until 9 p.m., ... More >>

  • MP3 of the Day: Harry Nilsson

    published Oct 08, 2008

    What other local radio station is gonna play Harry Nilsson besides the intrepidly eclectic KUSF? This morning I heard this pretty excellent oldie, "Jump Into the Fire," a song that has a rumblin'-down... More >>

  • Last Night: Black Lips at the Great American

    published Oct 08, 2008

    Black Lips October 7, 2008 Great American Music Hall Words and photos by Jennifer Maerz Better than: Watching your neighbor spit loogies in the air and catch them in his mouth (a skill guitarist C... More >>

  • Memorial Planned for Plan 9 Singer Oct. 11

    published Oct 07, 2008

    Friends and fans of Plan 9 can pay tribute to frontman Aaron Fuller on Saturday, Oct. 11. The band is setting up a memorial potluck in honor of Fuller (aka "Norton Aaron") at Historic Sweet's Ballroo... More >>

  • MP3 of the Day: Dave Aju

    published Oct 07, 2008

    What is it about San Franciscans and their obsession with beatboxing? First we have Kid Beyond, who loops live beats, melodies, and screwball sound effects he makes with his mouth to craft very origin... More >>

  • New Girls Video

    published Oct 06, 2008

    (Girls photo by Sandy Kim, from the band's MySpace page) In case you're wondering what local band Girls keeps on its list of likes, singer Christopher Owen offers a glimpse with the band's new video... More >>

  • MP3 of the Day: San Francisco Water Cooler

    published Oct 06, 2008

    How bands come up with names these days is beyond me. San Francisco Water Cooler sounds like a buncha words you'd string together stoned and instantly forget after, but somehow this trio has stuck w... More >>

  • Budget Rock 7 Lineup Announced

    published Oct 03, 2008

    (Personal and the Pizzas) The lineup for Oakland's October trash rock 'n' roll-athon, Budget Rock, was released today, with highlights including a Russell Quan birthday party and look-alike contest... More >>

  • MP3 of the Day: Photons

    published Oct 03, 2008

    Taking from the early '00s New York rock (Natural History, the Strokes, the Walkmen) and Northwest quirk (the Decemberists), San Francisco's Photons produce some peppy jangle pop. The 8-piece band p... More >>

  • Hey DJ! Friday Q&A: Mark Farina

    published Oct 03, 2008

    In the midst of San Francisco's giant festival of all things dance music related, Love Fest, we thought it was only appropriate to do our Friday Q&A with a DJ who helped put San Francisco on the map... More >>

  • Elvis Costello at Great American Tonight

    published Oct 02, 2008

    (photo: Zach Cordner for THE WORD Magazine) A little birdie just told me that Elvis Costello will join Ry Cooder, Nick Lowe, and Jim Keltner on stage tonight at the Great American's benefit for the ... More >>

  • MP3 of the Day: Z-Trip Hypes Obama

    published Oct 02, 2008

    Ok, so for some artists, the mix of politics and music is a terribly preachy combo. But the Obama fever is so infectious -- and frankly, I'm so excited to watch the VP candidate debates tonight (come ... More >>

  • MP3 of the Day: Ponytail

    published Oct 01, 2008

    This is what 21st Century post-punk enthusiasm sounds like: ebullient shouts, screams, and earth-shuttering guitar jams one second, otherwordly blurts and quiet electric melodies the next. Baltimore... More >>

  • Plan 9 Singer Dies in Oakland Motorcycle Crash

    published Oct 01, 2008

    (Plan 9, from the band's MySpace page) Aaron Fuller, frontman for Oakland's Misfits cover band-turned original psychobilly act Plan 9, died in Oakland early Tuesday morning after crashing his motor... More >>

  • Last Night: My Bloody Valentine at the Concourse

    published Oct 01, 2008

    My Bloody Valentine Tuesday, Sept. 30, 2008 The Concourse Review by Jennifer Maerz Better than: Cape Canaveral on ecstasy What kind of fucked up dreams am I going to have after this show? The whole... More >>

  • If You're Going to MBV Tonight: Opening Act Scoop

    published Sep 30, 2008

    (Spectrum, live, from the band's MySpace page) For those wondering who will take the stage tonight at the Concourse before My Bloody Valentine blankets the crowd in all that gloriously sculpted feed... More >>

  • Oasis Kicks Off Winter Tour in Oakland

    published Sep 29, 2008

    Speaking of Brit pop, the notoriously bickering brothers in Oasis are coming to town December 3, kicking off their first tour in three years in Oakland. (Opening the shows will be another mercurial du... More >>

  • MP3 of the Day: Hollow Stars

    published Sep 29, 2008

    I can't help it. The foggy fall weather rolls in and all I want to listen to is moody Brit pop -- that sad-happy, angsty stuff that helps our U.K. brothers and sisters get through the long winters. ... More >>

  • White Hills Guest DJs on KUSF 2p.m. to 3 p.m. Today

    published Sep 26, 2008

    If you enjoyed this week's Hey DJ! Q&A with AC and Allan, here's a nice little bit of synchronicity: the band playing their Krautrock night on Monday, White Hills, is guest DJing some sweet rock 'n'... More >>

  • MP3 of the Day: Chumbawamba

    published Sep 26, 2008

    I heard the witty "Add Me" -- a new Chumbawamba song -- on KUSF this morning and had to track it down and post it as an MP3 of the day. The lyrics are hilarious: "I’m a loner alone with neuroses and... More >>

  • Hey DJ! Friday Q&A: DJs AC and Allan

    published Sep 26, 2008

    (DJ Allan) (DJ AC) In preparation for the upcoming Two Hours of Krautrock II at the Knockout on Monday, we recently email chatted with DJs AC and Allan about the various ways they get the heavy, s... More >>

  • MP3 of the Day: Blitzen Trapper

    published Sep 25, 2008

    Those wacky Northwesterners: They're not only all growing beards and sounding all woodsy, now they have wild animals trapsing through their music to boot. To wit: Blitzen Trapper, Portland's warm 'n... More >>

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