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  • Idiocy Inc.

    published August 7, 2002

    On a sunny weekend afternoon, San Francisco offers no better place to be odd than bright-and-grimy Haight Street, with its colorful backdrop of... More >>

  • Misplaced Priorities 101

    published July 10, 2002

    To Prof. Patricia Hill, who teaches history at California State University's campus in San Jose, budget problems are never clearer than when she... More >>

  • The Olden Gays

    published June 19, 2002

    Contrary to earlier reports, "Harold's Historic Homo Home Movies" will not be screening this Sunday as part of the Lesbian & Gay Film Festival. A... More >>

  • The Snore of the Crowd

    published June 5, 2002

    Twenty-six years later, Gary Cavalli still remembers arriving in El Paso, Texas, where the Stanford football team he handled public relations for... More >>

  • Mind Over Clatter

    published May 29, 2002

    Eighty-eight-year-old composer Henry Brant lives in a modest bungalow that sits opposite some actual shacks on the outskirts of paradisiacal... More >>

  • House of Race Cards

    published May 1, 2002

    House of Race Cards After nine months as acting elections chief, Tammy Haygood... More >>

  • Mirant's Morass

    published April 24, 2002

    The new year has not been kind to Georgia-based energy giant Mirant Corp. and its plan for a mammoth new power plant at the foot of Potrero... More >>

  • Rebuilding Credit

    published April 17, 2002

    Arriving at their cubicles on the morning of Wednesday, April 3, employees of troubled credit card lender Providian Financial found their message... More >>

  • The Garden East of Eden

    published March 6, 2002

    On a truly spectacular February day in Gilroy, Calif. -- the sun gloriously unhindered by clouds, the temperature comfortably in the mid-70s --... More >>

  • Hail to the Ex-Chief

    published February 6, 2002

    Hail to the Ex-Chief One local newspaper described President Clinton's reception at UC Berkeley last Tuesday as... More >>

  • Luke Brugnara Makes His Point

    published January 30, 2002

    "This is such bullshit." Luke Brugnara, San Francisco's most bombastic and, perhaps, pugnacious commercial landlord, looks around the... More >>

  • The Inimitable Luke Brugnara on...

    published January 30, 2002

    The mayor of San Francisco: "Willie Brown is the biggest white honkie in San Francisco." Lawyers in the City Attorney's... More >>

  • Tabled Salt

    published January 23, 2002

    The economic slowdown has created a lot of scars in the Bay Area: empty buildings and sputtering development projects. But the biggest victim of... More >>

  • Dog Bites

    published January 16, 2002

    There have been many attempts through the years to explain to the outside world what it's like to attend an Oakland Raiders game at the Network... More >>

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