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  • Developments in Shaky Town

    published December 26, 2007

    Structural engineer Patrick Buscovich grabs an oversize metal ruler and stands it upright atop the table like Christopher Columbus planting a... More >>

  • AsianWeek story tells readers why they should love black people. Hear that, Kenneth Eng?

    published December 19, 2007

    After AsianWeek made national headlines in February by running a column titled "Why I Hate Blacks" from an avowed Asian supremacist, the... More >>

  • The Gift of Reading

    published December 19, 2007

    Shortcomings By Adrian Tomine ($19.95) Bay Area comic artist Adrian Tomine collected a fan base over the past 15... More >>

  • Ron Paul supporters mistakenly 'hijack' unsanctioned Republican event

    published December 12, 2007

    Those in the YouTube crowd may have seen the clip of supporters of fringe Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul (dubbed "Paultards" by... More >>

  • Barry Bonds' new lawyer Allen Ruby was a wrestler

    published December 12, 2007

    Amid countless cameras and sign-waving fans with nowhere better to be on a working day, a woman wearing only a leaf of lettuce over her... More >>

  • 15 Ways Gavin Could Have Lost the Election

    published December 5, 2007

    15. Actually enforced drug laws 14. Guest-hosted for Rush Limbaugh 13. Pardoned Ed Jew 12.... More >>

  • My Tunes: Kelenna Azubuike

    published December 5, 2007

    In his spare time, Kelenna Azubuike has a hobby: He makes beats. "Yeah, I make music just for fun on my computer. I've been doing it for a... More >>

  • My Tunes: Orlando Cepeda

    published December 5, 2007

    Orlando Cepeda is at bat with the bases jammed/Orlando Cepeda with a wham! bam!/He hit a grand slam/In the very first inning/But itís onl... More >>

  • Burning Man Arsonist Paul Addis' Backstory -- Murder Threats, Arrests

    published November 14, 2007

    With his jovial face smeared in red, black, and silver paint befitting a Power Ranger, Paul Addis posed for one of the all-time great mug... More >>

  • BART to Change Its Maps

    published November 7, 2007

    Admit it: When a tourist family with more baggage than the Spanish conquistadors lugs its way onto a BART train and proceeds to loudly lament... More >>

  • Halloween in the Castro: Where Will Everyone Pee?

    published October 24, 2007

    It's the final week before Halloween, so be sure to stock up on dry ice, tiny candies, and, for you Castro residents, a pair of urine-proof... More >>

  • Tricky Treat

    published October 10, 2007

    Tricky Treat The city is paying public-relations maven David Perry $40,000 to relay a curt message to the public about Halloween... More >>

  • Newsom Snubbed by Democrats

    published September 19, 2007

    Amazing scenes were witnessed last week on the evening the Sunset Community Democratic Club held its endorsement meeting. First of all, it... More >>

  • Big BART Brother

    published September 5, 2007

    Every breath you take, every move you make, every bond you break, every step you take, he'll be watching you — provided you write about... More >>

  • The Butler Did It

    published September 5, 2007

    It all started with a steaming cupful of coffee poured on a man's crotch. And then it got ugly. You might remember the curious 2005... More >>

  • Chicken Man

    published August 29, 2007

    Chicken John Rinaldi is a man of many words. But he uses just one to answer if he's going to ditch the city in the midst of his mayoral... More >>

  • Naked Ambition

    published August 22, 2007

    During one five-week stretch this summer, George Davis was arrested four times while campaigning to become mayor of San Francisco. In fact, the... More >>

  • Sharp-Dressed Man

    published August 8, 2007

    Whenever an ambulance wails by, Daniel Coates raps his fist on his skull twice — knock on wood — and mutters, "Thank God I'm not in it."... More >>

  • A Novel Idea

    published August 1, 2007

    Choose Your Own Adventure books used to be a staple of rainy-day recesses at the grade-school library. And yet, on an otherworldly... More >>

  • Return of the Soft Money Orgy?

    published July 18, 2007

    Here's some simple San Francisco math: 2 organizations that have showered money upon Mayor Gavin Newsom's campaigns + 1 lawsuit aimed at killing... More >>

  • Kid Code

    published July 11, 2007

    You better watch out. You better not cry. You better not accuse the mayor of snortin' coke. And I'm telling you why — Michela Alioto-Pier's... More >>

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