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1999 Stories by Joel P. Engardio

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  • Manifest Destiny

    published December 8, 1999

    When the San Francisco Fire Department moved its administrative headquarters to the South of Market neighborhood last year, the city's top fire... More >>

  • Rage Against the Machine

    published December 1, 1999

    Sleepless election officials were at wits' end. Nearly two days had passed since the polls closed, and still no one knew the results of the Nov. 2... More >>

  • Interview with Tom Ammiano

    published December 1, 1999

    SF Weekly staff writer Joel P. Engardio interviewed mayoral candidate Tom Ammiano in the private upstairs dining room of Chinatown... More >>

  • Mister Sandman

    published November 10, 1999

    One man looks out of place milling around the penny arcade and gift shop at San Francisco's ocean-side Cliff House. This spot, precariously... More >>

  • The Doctor, the Transsexual, the Bed-Shooting and the Lawsuit

    published October 27, 1999

    Tonight, all Toni Choate wants to do is spend a quiet evening at home, watch a little TV, and, if she's lucky, catch up with her teenage daughter.... More >>

  • Might See TV

    published October 20, 1999

    For a while this summer, it looked like PBS was going to get a break. Congress was about to approve future funding for public television, and the... More >>

  • Pedaling the Vegan Message

    published September 22, 1999

    Stefan Lynch hasn't quite figured out how to make a chef's toque stay put over his bicycle helmet, but if he's going to change the world à... More >>

  • A Chance for Respect?

    published September 8, 1999

    HOLLYWOOD DIDN'T HAVE TO VEER MUCH from the truth to make a cinematic hit out of the Woodward and Bernstein book All the President's Men.... More >>

  • The Vintage People

    published August 4, 1999

    Two young women patiently wait for the bus at the corner of Hayes and Gough streets, enduring the typical push and shove of the evening rush-hour... More >>

  • Torture of a Transsexual

    published July 7, 1999

    As the plane gently descends over a shimmering lake surrounded by a lush, grassy landscape, Amanda DuValle stares out the window at a serene but... More >>

  • A Fading Light

    published June 23, 1999

    Whenever she comes to San Francisco from Ohio, Marge Nabzdyk makes time to visit the Castro, and poke around in A Different Light bookstore.... More >>

  • Union Shopping

    published June 2, 1999

    A young man bounds up the stoop of a small Richmond District home and eagerly, but politely, rings the doorbell. He is glad to be out of the car... More >>

  • Private Places

    published April 28, 1999

    Officially, there have been no bathhouses in San Francisco since 1984, when health officials grappling with the AIDS crisis shut down the places... More >>

  • You Can't Be Gay -- You're Latino

    published April 14, 1999

    The waiter catches his customers giggling as he walks by their table. One woman tries to hide her grin behind a sandwich when Miguel stops to... More >>

  • Rewriting History

    published March 17, 1999

    John Philbrook was, by all accounts, very good at his job. A librarian at San Francisco's Main Library, he tutored immigrant children, helping... More >>

  • East Side Story

    published March 3, 1999

    Between a little church and a nursing home with a bright, happy mural painted on its side is a residential section of Capp Street that looks... More >>

  • Surgery Sans Blood

    published February 17, 1999

    Every so often, Cathy Montoya is awakened on a Saturday morning, like the rest of us, by a pair of smiling proselytizers who have knocked on the... More >>

  • Tattoo You

    published February 10, 1999

    It wasn't necessarily odd for a young man to walk into Mom's tattoo parlor on Haight Street carrying a bag of tortilla chips. Nor was it... More >>

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