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  • Hard Labor

    published December 20, 2000

    San Francisco sheriff Michael Hennessey launches into his best James Cagney imitation as he enters County Jail No. 3, the imposing, Depression-era... More >>

  • A Legacy in Limbo

    published November 8, 2000

    Grand plans are in the works to better memorialize gay rights icon Harvey Milk. The proposed multimillion-dollar overhaul of the drab plaza... More >>

  • The Cheetah Club

    published November 1, 2000

    Julie Berruto didn't rip her skirt or tumble over a missed step the day she brought cheerleading practice at Concord's Clayton Valley High School... More >>

  • A Boy Scout No More

    published September 20, 2000

    When a white, middle-class, teenage boy from the suburbs grows his hair long, dyes it fire-engine red, and refuses to wash it in hopes of getting... More >>

  • Randomemo

    published September 20, 2000

    Good TV shows usually have one, a muse who weaves his own demented, absurd, and hilarious life into the story line each week. Seinfeld had... More >>

  • Valleyboy.scam

    published August 16, 2000

    Most afternoons, Kevin Yaeger could be found nursing a hangover from the night before with a glass of cinnamon schnapps, his favorite drink. He'd... More >>

  • Split Personalities

    published August 16, 2000

    At the Big Buddha statue on Hong Kong's Lantau Island, meditation groups have been gathering regularly this summer looking for the sign that will... More >>

  • Mission Implacable

    published July 5, 2000

    A few trendy bars and restaurants were beginning to share space with the extant pawnshops, liquor stores, and check-cashing outlets when Peter... More >>

  • Coulda Been a Contender

    published May 31, 2000

    The Venetian blinds are tightly closed in Anthony Chan's corner office, blocking out the afternoon sun and views of the yellow and purple petunias... More >>

  • Hot and Wired

    published May 31, 2000

    There is not much strip and very little tease in Justin Damon's live adult theater show. He's pretty much naked before he steps onstage, and the... More >>

  • O'er the Castro

    published May 3, 2000

    When Gilbert Baker set out to create the first gay pride flag in 1978, his vision of the rainbow was a little different than what everyone else... More >>

  • Comrades of the People's Republic

    published April 26, 2000

    Not far from where Mao Zedong is preserved under glass for the thousands of flower-bearing Communists who parade past his body every day, a... More >>

  • No March Madness

    published March 22, 2000

    Next month, on a spring Sunday many hope will be warm and rain-free, hundreds of thousands of gay and gay-friendly folks from across the country... More >>

  • Spiritual CULTivation

    published March 15, 2000

    Meeting Jenny Lian for the first time, Chung Phang was struck by her warm smile and gentle demeanor. The attorney wondered what had compelled his... More >>

  • Outing the Marlboro Man

    published February 16, 2000

    Since Philip Morris became the first major tobacco company to advertise in a gay-interest magazine in 1992, the tobacco industry has aggressively... More >>

  • Genes Without Frontiers

    published February 9, 2000

    Dr. Stefanie Jeffrey must remove the tumor growing inside Jean Christ's left breast before it metastasizes, spreading cancerous cells through her... More >>

  • Tragic Ending

    published February 2, 2000

    Tragic EndingToni Choate was finally on the way to putting her life back together. Choate was a transitioning transsexual, and SF... More >>

  • Freedom for a Transsexual

    published January 19, 2000

    Amanda Duvalle has spent the past month mostly confined to her single room at the drab Mission Hotel, recuperating from surgery to remove a blood... More >>

  • Charity Begins @ Home

    published January 5, 2000

    It's going on midnight and the waitress makes her way through the Santa Clara Denny's, offering another round of coffee to every wired, sleepless,... More >>

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