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2001 Stories by Joel P. Engardio

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  • Beyond Bozo

    published September 26, 2001

    Bozo the Clown packed it in this summer, but for today's working and aspiring clowns, the response was relief rather than sadness. In the heyday... More >>

  • The Adventures of Capt. GayMan

    published August 22, 2001

    During the presidential campaign, candidate George W. Bush announced he was a ""Don't Ask, Don't Tell' man," supporting the controversial policy... More >>

  • Boys' Band

    published August 15, 2001

    America's first gay band is looking a little older and less rebellious under the lights in a rare San Francisco performance. Pansy Division hasn't... More >>

  • Out of Africa

    published May 16, 2001

    From a window table overlooking the tree-lined stretch of boutiques, bookstores, and cafes near the Stanford University campus, two professors... More >>

  • Saving Togo

    published May 16, 2001

    While virologist Phyllis Kanki fights AIDS in Nigeria with Ivy League research labs and $25 million at her disposal, a 27-year-old graduate... More >>

  • Dog Bites

    published May 9, 2001

    Wednesday, May 2 SF Weekly publishes a story headlined "Smoking Gun," about recently uncovered documents showing that tobacco... More >>

  • Smoking Gun

    published May 2, 2001

    In its efforts to increase cigarette sales in the mid-1990s, tobacco company R.J. Reynolds hit on a novel bit of niche marketing in San Francisco,... More >>

  • Scouts' Honors

    published March 21, 2001

    From the moment he arrives at San Francisco International Airport until his flight begins to board, 31-year-old Tom Shepard paces the terminal... More >>

  • 7x7 Magazine Hires Executive Editor

    published March 21, 2001

    Tom and Heather Hartle, the Detroit couple who created the successful city magazine Hour in Motown and are hoping to set up shop here,... More >>

  • Magazine Dreams

    published March 14, 2001

    Standing in the grocery store checkout line, which magazine cover story would compel you to pick up a copy? "New Age Jews: Welcome to the new... More >>

  • City of Lost Children

    published March 14, 2001

    Conventional wisdom says out-of-towner Tom Hartle and his Detroit-style city magazine will have a difficult time winning over fickle,... More >>

  • Transcendental Incarceration

    published February 21, 2001

    San Francisco Sheriff Michael Hennessey readily admits the aging county jail complex in San Bruno is a "hellhole," but he has an unusual plan to... More >>

  • Asking, Telling

    published January 31, 2001

    Aaron Belkin has never held a gun, let alone fired one. The political science instructor has no military experience, but not because he is an... More >>

  • The $32,000 Question

    published January 17, 2001

    Home viewers didn't get to see Regis Philbin's initial reaction when Stan Flouride, a local eccentric and neighborhood fixture in San Francisco's... More >>

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