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  • (Actually, His Real Name Is Kevin)

    published November 19, 2008

    Oooooh ... ohGr? Sounds scary! You say this "Nivek Ogre" feller is the same guy who — as singer for electroterror trio Skinny... More >>

  • Our Body Music, Ourselves

    published November 19, 2008

    If music were a computer system, the industrial subgenre called E.B.M. (Electronic Body Music) would be verging on the dreaded "blue screen of... More >>

  • Planetary Alignment

    published October 22, 2008

    Drop those bongos, dude! Though Planet of the Drums may sound like a swirly rhythm circle at Hippie Hill, it's actually an annual tour... More >>

  • Slo-Venial Sins

    published September 24, 2008

    For nearly 30 years Laibach has confounded, outraged, sometimes frightened, and always provoked audiences with its monolithic Wagnerian... More >>

  • It’s Not Goa * It’s “Whoa”

    published September 17, 2008

    Once just another early-'90s Goa trance act, Juno Reactor grew like an exquisite corpse: programmer Ben Watkins kept adding new limbs... More >>

  • Cyclecidal Tendencies

    published September 17, 2008

    Cable cars, the Golden Gate Bridge, Lombard Street? Sweet. Gourmet restaurants, gorgeous scenery, great shopping? Yeah, yeah, yeah … all fine... More >>

  • Dubstep Trifecta

    published September 3, 2008

    You'll have a choice among three dubstep thoroughbreds when the UK's Milanese, Distance, and Boxcutter gallop into SOMA... More >>

  • Classical & Opera

    published September 3, 2008

    Classical New Century Chamber Orchestra Music director Nadja Salerno-Sonnenberg starts the ensemble's... More >>

  • Dropping the H(ipster) Bomb

    published August 27, 2008

    The electro scene has always flown its narcissistic fashion flag high, so no one should be surprised that its top DJs have adopted an upscale... More >>

  • Severe Storm Alert

    published August 27, 2008

    Behold the basic yet mighty power of a monsoon — then add two supersimple guitar riffs, a drenching of sweat, and lots of body hair and... More >>

  • [Expletive Deleted]

    published August 27, 2008

    Canada? Really? Scoff if you want, but one of the most crucial, unruly, and unpredictable punk bands on this continent hails from the land of... More >>

  • The Senator Has the Floor at Black Gold

    published August 20, 2008

    You may want your retro-soul weekend parties to be packed, sweaty blasts full of vintage grinders. But on Monday nights, the smooth,... More >>

  • Amen Break Assassin

    published August 13, 2008

    They call him the "Godfather of Jungle": Britain's DJ Remarc — the self-coronated "ultimate don of the Amen break" — has... More >>

  • No Returns, No Exchanges

    published August 6, 2008

    A snarling wolfpack of inebriated rock 'n' roll animals, Everything Must Go kicked off its 2001 debut with a happy little ditty called... More >>

  • Dub from Day One

    published August 6, 2008

    This edition of the Redline DJs' monthly Makeout Sessions celebrates two years as a crew. It's a telling anniversary: Unlike older DJs... More >>

  • InfectiousTechno

    published July 16, 2008

    No, Infected Mushroom isn't like tainted LSD — although surely hallucinogens will be frying some minds when these psychedelic... More >>

  • Firewater chases the perfect album to the end of the world

    published June 4, 2008

    Getting secretly doped by locals in India, attacked by malicious intestinal bugs in Pakistan, and solicited to buy AK-47s near Afghanistan... More >>

  • No Wave book helps define the anti-genre’s sound

    published May 28, 2008

    If you believe certain music reviewers, any young band touting dissonance and minimalist rhythms is carrying the No Wave torch into the future.... More >>

  • Hillstomp defines the down ‘n’ dirty gutbucket blues

    published April 16, 2008

    Born in the gutters of Portland, Oregon, Hillstomp defines the down 'n' dirty gutbucket blues. Guitarist Henry Christian and... More >>

  • Meat Beat Manifesto: The Past and Future of Electronic Music

    published April 9, 2008

    Perennially digging two feet deeper than superficial trends can earn an artist legendary underground status. Unfortunately, it may also cause... More >>

  • Making Grown Indie Boys Weep: Xiu Xiu

    published April 9, 2008

    "Fuzz" is for Muppets — the abrasive garage-punk of Japan's King Brothers more closely resembles steel wool. While these... More >>

  • Autechre Crafts, Then Shreds, IDM Clichés

    published April 2, 2008

    It's probably the worst acronym in music history. IDM. Intelligent Dance Music. The words come out in a pompous snort,... More >>

  • From Russia with Love: Auktyon's avant-rock

    published March 26, 2008

    The latest wave of introspective songsters (Feist, Kate Nash, etc.) sounds so very fastidious, all glaringly shiny-pleasant with studio sheen.... More >>

  • Jesus Built His Hotrod

    published March 26, 2008

    In the past 25 years, Al Jourgensen has been many men, including a foppish New Wave fancyboy, a twitchy fuzz-disco pioneer, a shit-kickin' cowboy... More >>

  • Danish Garage Rockers Storm the Independent

    published February 27, 2008

    When legendary U.K. space-rockers Spacemen 3 split circa 1991, member Jason Pierce channeled its lysergic drone into the eclectic,... More >>

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