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  • Tail of Two Races

    published December 6, 2000

    I spent an hour or so the other day over at Matt Gonzalez's campaign office just off the Panhandle, and came away with about the impression I... More >>

  • Apocalypse, Now and Then

    published November 22, 2000

    So I was sitting there doing nothing more worthwhile, really, than vaguely feeling good about Thanksgiving and a day off when it struck me... More >>

  • Disaster Plans

    published November 1, 2000

    I have a wonderful neighbor who has an immigrant-in-America background that is heartwarming, even in extreme summary: After landing in New York... More >>

  • It's the Housing, Stupid

    published October 18, 2000

    How the political system works so San Francisco doesn't, Chapter 12,432: In May, San Francisco's school district embarked on a plan to build... More >>

  • Yellow-Bellied Journalism

    published August 2, 2000

    At the height of the media frenzy over the Hearst/Chronicle/Fang/Examiner horse-trading extravaganza last week, daily news reporters... More >>

  • They Love Bloomie's

    published July 26, 2000

    I have become accustomed to pathetic journalistic behavior. I have had to. I live in San Francisco. For example, my indignation levels... More >>

  • Mecklin

    published May 10, 2000

    Because my wife is from New Orleans, she and I occasionally compare politics, as practiced there and here. I think a bit of cross-cultural... More >>

  • Mecklin

    published March 22, 2000

    I like the idea behind the purchase of the Hearst Corp.'s San Francisco Examiner by the Fang family, which owns the San Francisco... More >>

  • Bush vs. McCain

    published March 1, 2000

    If you don't already know that U.S. Sen. John McCain has a temper, a "gook" problem, and amazingly Nixonian hand gestures; that Texas Gov. George... More >>

  • Mecklin

    published February 16, 2000

    I breakfasted a few weeks ago with someone who, depending on one's point of view, might be described as either a wise man or a wise guy of the... More >>

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