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  • Saga of the Simian Samurai

    published December 12, 2007

    The teaming up of venerated MCs with esteemed producers has reaped fantastic results over the past few years. From Kool Keith and Dan the... More >>

  • Jose Gonzalez

    published November 21, 2007

    It was only a matter of time before a Jose Gonzalez song appeared during the sappy monologue that closes every episode of Scrubs. His... More >>

  • Vanessa Carlton

    published November 7, 2007

    Irv Gotti, the mastermind behind the infectiously nettlesome Ja Rule and Ashanti, now counts piano-playing chanteuse Vanessa Carlton as part of... More >>

  • Hear This

    published October 24, 2007

    On its 2005 debut for Jagjaguwar, Canadian collective Black Mountain brewed up an intoxicating batch of homegrown rock. Stephen McBean's... More >>

  • The New Pornographers' Feel Good Rush

    published September 12, 2007

    A.C. Newman, the New Pornographers' driving force and principal songwriter, has a bone to pick with music critics who lump the band into the... More >>

  • Beat Box

    published August 15, 2007

    In hip hop, having a variety of aliases is as common as talking about problems with shady record labels. MF Doom has plenty of the former... More >>

  • Digitalism

    published August 8, 2007

    These days, the rock clique feels no shame getting cozy with boom-thwack club tracks, thanks to the guitar- and synth-wielding purveyors of... More >>

  • French robots rule! Daft Punk takes the lead at the summer's biggest dance party

    published July 25, 2007

    Daft Punk, the French faux-bot duo that's been tweaking knobs and lifting late-night spirits for more than a decade, has recently ventured... More >>

  • Art Brut

    published June 27, 2007

    Rock music OS X Version 10.8.9 landed with a lunar-module splashdown last year in the form of Art Brut's debut, Bang Bang Rock & Roll. This... More >>

  • Radio Birdman: still tuned into the good shit

    published June 13, 2007

    "Keeping it real" is overrated — better to keep it really retarded. The cryptic quartet No Doctors infiltrated the Bay Area in 2004... More >>

  • Two! Hyped! Bands! In! One! Week!

    published May 30, 2007

    Hold Steady frontman Craig Finn describes his band's brand of verbose, guitar-driven splendor as "classic rock with a small ‘c'."... More >>

  • Daring Daedelus

    published May 16, 2007

    Los Angeles laptop wunderkind Alfred Darlington, better known as Daedelus, is something of a knob-twiddling wisecracker in a genre known for being... More >>

  • The anything-but-subtle songwriting drama of Mr. Patrick Wolf

    published May 16, 2007

    Singer Sam Prekop's breathy vocals have anchored the Sea and Cake 's indie rock/jazz fusion over the course of the group's 14-year career.... More >>

  • Indie rock rules the roost: Modest Mouse and Meat Puppets

    published May 9, 2007

    A wealth of great talent has emerged from New Orleans over the years, but few artists from the last half century can match Allen Toussaint... More >>

  • Spooner Oldham: hitchhiking Drive By Trickers country rock ride

    published May 2, 2007

    Cloud Cult 's sprawling new album, The Meaning of 8, is a joyous affair, marrying '90s indie rock guitar jangle with quirky... More >>

  • Breaking With the Safety Dance

    published April 25, 2007

    The dance-punk movement has received plenty of flak since its resurgence at the turn of this nascent century. Part of the problem is that it's... More >>

  • Kaiser Chiefs

    published April 25, 2007

    The British Invasion of 2004-2005 was a brutal offensive. The Futureheads, Franz Ferdinand, and Maximo Park coordinated their melodic post-punk... More >>

  • The Fucking Champs

    published April 4, 2007

    The Fucking Champs lapped Led Zeppelin a few years ago in their quest for metal dominance. The muted power chord chops that the former band, now... More >>

  • Cyann & Ben

    published March 28, 2007

    From the first candied vocal harmonies that float in over a morose bed of guitars and keys on Cyann & Ben's new full-length, the French quartet's... More >>

  • TV on the Radio: no one dislikes these dudes

    published March 28, 2007

    Brooklyn quintet TV on the Radio is the loft party no one expected to get so poppin'. Producer Dave Sitek's re-amped analog skronks are... More >>

  • Metal boys and their Lesbian lovers

    published March 21, 2007

    Christened with a deliberately deceptive moniker, the hirsute lads in Seattle's Lesbian marry psychedelic metal with prog rock for... More >>

  • Do Make Say Think

    published March 7, 2007

    The world of indie rock has never really embraced the concept of the instrumental jam band. The few exceptions that (barely) fit into that... More >>

  • Slicing the '60s

    published February 14, 2007

    It's hard to hear the '60s-influenced, lo-fi indie pop of San Francisco's Papercuts and not want to wrap yourself up in their blanket of... More >>

  • Misc. Reviews

    published January 31, 2007

    The early '90s are often extolled as the golden era of indie rock, when burgeoning scenes in Louisville, Memphis, and other American heartland... More >>

  • Post-everything

    published January 31, 2007

    Remember the dance-punk explosion of this new millennium's early days? Punk rock riffs mixed nonchalantly with disco beats at sweaty shows... More >>

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