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  • Rodd Keith

    published December 28, 2005

    In the early '70s, Rodd Keith was a deadbeat dad who fled his Pentecostal life in Michigan for Hollywood. There, he regularly devoured PCP,... More >>

  • Judy Henske & Jerry Yester

    published December 28, 2005

    In the late '60s, Warner Bros. formed this subsidiary, Straight Records, in order to release albums by that maestro of scatological art-rock Frank... More >>

  • Record Dork

    published December 21, 2005

    While recently scouring Amoeba's oldies vinyl for obscure, Frisco-bred acid rock -- preferably Tripsichord's double LP from '71 -- I stumbled... More >>

  • Samara Lubelski

    published December 14, 2005

    Samara Lubelski is an accomplished singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and recording engineer from New York City, who has spent the past... More >>

  • Get your improvisational noise on with the "Jyrk Jamboree"; get your Mexicali rock on with Los Lobos

    published December 14, 2005

    For fans of psychedelically experimental sound, the "Jyrk Jamboree," which hits the Hemlock Tavern on Wednesday, Dec. 14, looks to be an... More >>

  • Record Dork

    published December 7, 2005

    OK, so I'll fess up to possessing a real fascination with cults. I once owned David Koresh's Voice of Fire, but I sold it because Koresh... More >>

  • Thuja

    published December 7, 2005

    Pine Cone Temples is a massive chunk of environmental music -- moody field recordings by four nature-loving experimental musicians from... More >>

  • Todd Tamanend Clark

    published December 7, 2005

    The widely accepted notion that the mid-'70s were the doldrums of rock is pure myth. Some indispensably bizarre music was created during these... More >>

  • Art of Darkness

    published November 30, 2005

    "What I like about No-Neck Blues Band is that we are all trying to embrace all the aspects of life: the good, the evil, the light, the... More >>

  • Lightning Bolt

    published November 30, 2005

    Over the past decade, Lightning Bolt -- that mighty bass-and-drums duo from Providence, R.I. -- cultivated a brand-new form of underground rock,... More >>

  • Record Dork

    published November 23, 2005

    In 1979, the British industrial trio Nurse With Wound released its debut LP, Chance Meeting on a Dissecting Table of a Sewing Machine and an... More >>

  • Numbers

    published November 23, 2005

    Several years back, American soil sprouted hundreds of indie groups reviving the angular, disco-punk sound of the early '80s. During their 15... More >>

  • John Cale

    published November 23, 2005

    After 40 years of dedicating himself to crafting smart, challenging music (even if it wasn't always listenable), John Cale now wants to be a big... More >>

  • America's first true hard-rock god, and Canada's one true electronica nut case

    published November 23, 2005

    America's first true hard-rock guitar god of the '70s was not Ted Nugent or Eddie Van Halen. It was Ronnie Montrose , whose life's... More >>

  • Magical Mystery Allure

    published November 16, 2005

    Animal Collective is superhip and superbusy these days, touring England and answering all kinds of silly questions from countless creatures like... More >>

  • The USA Is a Monster

    published November 16, 2005

    Over the past several years, the New York duo the USA Is a Monster -- Tom Hohmann (drums, synthesizer, and vocals) and Colin Matthews (guitar and... More >>

  • Boogie-rock freakoids Green Milk From the Planet Orange and No Doctors, and the megarock of OG grunge masters Mudhoney

    published November 16, 2005

    Nirvana's gargantuan barbed-wire hooks and Soundgarden's ham-fisted modern take on Zeppelin and Sabbath heaviness may have sold a bazillion more... More >>

  • If it's kinda, sorta music-related, we'll review it. This week: the "Rev." in Rev. Run.

    published November 2, 2005

    Rev. Run (aka Joseph Simmons) is a founding member of hip hop legends Run-D.M.C., and his new disc, Distortion -- a collection of rap-rock... More >>

  • The name says it all! This week: Queen and its new frontman, cock rocker Paul Rodgers.

    published November 2, 2005

    Rodgers, you see, was the swaggering frontman for the two bands that were originally responsible for establishing the generic-FM-rock-band... More >>

  • Highly evolved goth rockers Current 93; OG sax addict Ornette Coleman

    published November 2, 2005

    Industrial-goth legends Current 93 are playing just two gigs in the United States this year, and both of them are going down right here.... More >>

  • Parchman Farm

    published October 19, 2005

    A Bud draft will cost you six fucking dollars at Conversations, the thoroughly unspectacular cocktail lounge tucked inside the Holiday Inn on... More >>

  • Razed by Wolves

    published October 12, 2005

    New York City, Spring 2002 It's nearly 1 a.m. Across the bar, the members of Michigan noise-rock trio Wolf Eyes cavort like drunken... More >>

  • The Red Krayola

    published October 5, 2005

    The history of underground legends the Red Krayola can be split into two radically different chapters. The first ('66 to '68) is the story of a... More >>

  • The Double delivers its much-hyped electronic rock; the return of folk master Richard Thompson

    published September 28, 2005

    Fresh off the release of its major-label debut, Loose in the Air (Matador Records counts these days, right?), the Double will... More >>

  • Split Myself in Two

    published September 21, 2005

    A golden sun is warming Fruitvale on a Saturday afternoon. I'm seated in the kitchen of Jamie Stewart, the singer, songwriter, and... More >>

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