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2002 Stories by Karen Zuercher

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  • The Great Divide

    published December 24, 2002

    The pile of white cotton gloves -- one-size-fits-all -- is the first sign that this is a different kind of art show. Visitors to Gallery Lux, on... More >>

  • Lend Me Your Ear

    published November 27, 2002

    The man who calls himself the mayor of Baker Beach, Michael Warner, invites me to sit down in the lending library, a parking spot in the... More >>

  • The Sixth Annual Latino Film Festival

    published October 30, 2002

    When the Jews were expelled from Spain during the Inquisition (on the eve of Columbus' 1492 journey to the New World), many escaped to Latin... More >>

  • Going Mobile

    published October 30, 2002

    During the mid-to-late-'90s heyday of online publications -- when everyone kept saying that books, magazines, and newspapers would go the way of... More >>

  • Heir Story

    published September 25, 2002

    If you were to list off the top of your head the 10 most powerful people in San Francisco, Sydney Goldstein's name might not come immediately to... More >>

  • Critical Mass

    published August 28, 2002

    It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single reader in possession of a good review, must be in want of a book. With apologies to Jane... More >>

  • Scrambled Eggers

    published August 14, 2002

    Death. Taxes. Dave Eggers. He's unavoidable: His fiction's in this week's New Yorker, he has a new novel coming out next month, and last... More >>

  • Club-Hopping

    published July 31, 2002

    The words "book club" usually bring to mind a gaggle of twentysomething women sitting around someone's living room, sipping herbal tea and... More >>

  • Guide Me

    published June 26, 2002

    Guidebooks are like politicians: We rarely think about them until we really need them, and then they often disappoint. Lug one or more such books... More >>

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