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  • In the Stacks

    published December 28, 2005

    Let's talk about the future. But first, this year: Google started scanning the pages of library books to allow them to be searched from any... More >>

  • Cover Up

    published November 30, 2005

    The other night on Stacked (oh please, you know you're curious) the bookstore employee played by Pamela Anderson traded insults in Yiddish with a... More >>

  • Fess Up

    published October 26, 2005

    If you had to define yourself in just a few words, which ones would you choose? The question reminds me of those magazine ads for, I don't know,... More >>

  • The Kids All Write

    published May 25, 2005

    Cars were going to kill culture. Television was going to kill movies. Elvis was going to kill music. And now [insert modern technology here --... More >>

  • Deliver Me

    published April 27, 2005

    Britney's doing it, so it must be cool. Getting pregnant -- possibly the most public of private things you can do -- is apparently a story of... More >>

  • Taste Test

    published April 20, 2005

    Most film festivals that come through town have a single theme -- surf movies, say, or zombie horror in 3-D. The San Francisco International Film... More >>

  • Alternative Memoir

    published March 30, 2005

    The handwritten note taped to the cover reads, "I intentionally left this book here for you to find. I hope you find some meaning in it. 149 other... More >>

  • Picking and Choosing

    published February 23, 2005

    Wandering into a bookstore isn't always a pleasant experience. Take a recent jaunt to the newish Borders close to my work. (I'll still choose an... More >>

  • Characters

    published January 26, 2005

    When I scan a menu, I notice the errors. When I read a book, I circle the typos. Like the author of the best-selling grammar title Eats, Shoots &... More >>

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