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  • Brad Mehldau

    published December 20, 2000

    For most people, solo piano music has more of a classical connotation than a jazz one; not surprisingly, jazz pianists from Bill Evans on did... More >>

  • What a Musical Web They Weave

    published December 20, 2000

    Indie rock fans have never been fruit-basket types: They don't welcome outsiders with open arms (that is, unless the newcomers know the genealogy... More >>

  • Puppets Packing Heat

    published December 6, 2000

    Puppet. Even the word sounds hopelessly cute, conjuring up images of the clunky, big-eyed felt creatures that Mister Rogers used to visit,... More >>

  • Groove Gear

    published November 15, 2000

    Style to spare: That's what's gonna be throwin' down at the Ritual Expo, a "bazaar-haus" day-to-night party and fashion event, coming this... More >>

  • Bebel Gilberto

    published November 8, 2000

    When she launched Tanto Tempo and went on tour back in June, Bebel Gilberto heard her first full-length solo album described as the... More >>

  • Cray in the Bay

    published November 1, 2000

    Jazz festivals abound in the Bay Area, from North Beach to Berkeley to San Jose, but there's a simple reason for that: There's a lot of great jazz... More >>

  • Slow as It Goes

    published October 11, 2000

    "Got me a ticket for a direct flight ... gotta get to Memphis," croons jazz-rocker Ben Graves on the title track of his latest album,... More >>

  • Electric Japanese Cowboy

    published September 27, 2000

    Amy X Neuburg & Men may be San Francisco stalwarts with two albums under their belts now, but that doesn't mean they're predictable.... More >>

  • Saint Etienne

    published September 20, 2000

    Sarah Cracknell is a diva in the Audrey Hepburn model, gentle and insidiously enchanting without seeming to put any effort into it. Although the... More >>

  • Good Fortune

    published August 30, 2000

    Good FortuneIn an age in which the alphabet of American independent music sometimes seems to stretch only from Athens to Austin, not too many... More >>

  • Kelly Joe Phelps

    published August 9, 2000

    Kelly Joe Phelps' studio cuts sound peculiarly live, even improvised. Maybe it's his low, half-hoarse voice, or the simplicity of the musical... More >>

  • New Trad Jazz

    published August 9, 2000

    Thirty-one-year-old Joshua Redman is young, smart, and deeply talented. The Berkeley High alum and Harvard U grad splashed down as the "It Boy" of... More >>

  • The Catherine Wheel

    published July 26, 2000

    The Catherine Wheel makes über-English music -- though the title of its new album, Wishville, sounds like it might have... More >>

  • Dutch Delight

    published July 26, 2000

    A few decades back, sound artists like Arling & Cameron might have been confined to windowless studios, cranking out esoteric lounge tracks. At... More >>

  • Gentlefolk, Start Your Engines

    published July 5, 2000

    Before those pride weekend memories have had a chance to fade, "Club Faith" is gearing up for Drag Races, San Francisco-style. The premise... More >>

  • Skratching That Itch

    published June 28, 2000

    Many urban audiophiles will remember the art of scratch from the days before it picked up the k, when it ran down the arms of '80s DJs to frame... More >>

  • Pie in the Sky

    published June 28, 2000

    Fireworks, schmireworks: For those who want something more than just lights dancing before their eyes on the Fourth, the El Rio bar provides an... More >>

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