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  • Blind Date Blues

    published June 16, 2010

    You can always tell how your friends really feel about you when they set you up on a blind date. Apparently my friends view me as a female... More >>

  • Bouncer acts like a classy masseuse at the Mandarin Oriental

    published June 9, 2010

    I absolutely love hotel bars — they are my very favorite. I love how in San Francisco you can walk into any fancy hotel and sit in its... More >>

  • At Blackthorn, dog's best friend is a dick

    published May 26, 2010

    It's easy to feel like a stranger in any of San Francisco's neighborhoods. Actually, that's usually part of the fun. But no place makes me feel... More >>

  • Carpenters Nerds Unite

    published May 19, 2010

    It's hard to measure the esteem I hold for Karen Carpenter. She played the drums and sang at the same time, which is awesome — but,... More >>

  • Hostesses Have the Best Butts

    published May 12, 2010

    Sometimes, only a samurai revenge tale will do. Last week, I clocked 115 hours on my time card. While I was toiling away, the only thing I... More >>

  • Bouncer: Made Men at Bob's Bar

    published May 5, 2010

    When I peered through the window of Bob's Bar in the Financial District, which is attached to Bob's Steak and Chop House, I was both aghast and... More >>

  • Bouncer: A Heart to Heart

    published April 21, 2010

    I don't know why Sixth Street gets such a bad rap. It is indeed Skid Row (one of many), but I never feel nervous or scared walking the stretch... More >>

  • Bouncer: Falling for Fog City

    published April 14, 2010

    I couldn't tell if Fog City Pub and Cafe, located directly across from the Powell Street BART station, was old or new, because when I peered in... More >>

  • Bouncer: The Dude vs. the Gent in North Beach

    published April 7, 2010

    Sometimes I have the urge to pretend I'm in Europe, where you can sit in front of a restaurant with a drink and watch people walk by. On those... More >>

  • Bouncer: Live and let smoke at the Tempest

    published March 31, 2010

    Face it: Democracy is overrated. Anyone who has ever been on the losing side of a 49-51 vote knows that. Still, almost everyone in America, on... More >>

  • Living in the moment at Cityhouse

    published March 24, 2010

    It was inevitable that in a world where most hotel lobbies are stuck in the 1980s — with mauves and light grays and retro Art Deco... More >>

  • The joke's on the Ha-Ra haters

    published March 17, 2010

    When people say that the old dive bars in the city are disappearing, they're half-right. It's not so much that they are going away (they drop... More >>

  • Christopher Columbus Was a Real Jerk

    published March 10, 2010

    I was sitting at Specs' Cafe in North Beach, waiting for my blind date to arrive, and thinking about Christopher Columbus. One thing I've... More >>

  • Tickle Me, Lil Thuggie

    published February 24, 2010

    When you're a kid, you keep hearing the refrain, "Just be yourself!" But this can be puzzling, especially if you have no idea who you are. And... More >>

  • The Bachelorette and the Big City

    published February 10, 2010

    There's a fine documentary series, The Bachelor, currently airing on television. A single American male with a garden-variety yet manly... More >>

  • The Loneliest Wine Bar

    published February 3, 2010

    I'm gleeful now I can easily access all the TV I want online, and I don't have to give any money to Comcast, which has taken my checks long... More >>

  • Dirty Thieves put a spell on you

    published January 27, 2010

    There are some bars you walk into hoping for a glass of wine and tapas. There are other bars you walk into hoping for a beer and a blow job.... More >>

  • Authentic amigos at Tommy’s Mexican Restaurant

    published January 20, 2010

    Lately, to my delight, there's been a spate of incredibly crappy busking goin' round various BART and Muni stations. Don't get me wrong: I like... More >>

  • The Inner Gaydar

    published January 13, 2010

    Unfortunately, there are plenty of men who are always perceived as gay, even though they're straight. I say "unfortunately" because these are... More >>

  • Li Po Lounge: Chinatown Poem

    published January 6, 2010

    Though Las Vegas is not exactly my first choice in vacation spots (or even my 139th), I do love to read about the casinos that were planned but... More >>

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