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2006 Stories by Kurt B. Reighley

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  • All for Love and Love for All

    published June 21, 2006

    Ola Salo, flamboyant lead singer for Swedish glam quintet the Ark, does not practice false modesty. Warm and friendly? Yes. But oozing that... More >>

  • Diamonds in the rock; Ice Cube reigns supreme

    published April 19, 2006

    Flash pots? Diamond Nights don't need no stinkin' flash pots. Why waste time on cheap pyrotechnics when your band can dazzle with the... More >>

  • Solitary Refinement

    published March 22, 2006

    Artists in established bands make solo records for different reasons: to sate a massive ego desperately craving media attention; to cash in on... More >>

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