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  • There Must Be a Pony in Here Somewhere: The AOL Time Warner Debacle and the Quest for a Digital Future

    published December 31, 2003

    By Kara Swisher Crown Business (2003), $24.95 I'll never forget waking up in January 2000 and hearing on the radio that... More >>

  • Intrepid Antiwarriors of the Libertarian Right Stake Their Rightful Claim to Power

    published December 10, 2003

    Justin Raimondo is hunched in front of his computer, in the living room of his cramped one-bedroom Pacific Heights apartment, under a framed... More >>

  • Hasta la Vista, Baby!

    published October 15, 2003

    Last month, as the rest of the country followed the dizzying ups and downs of Ben Affleck and J-Lo's relationship through the tabloids, San... More >>

  • The Great Left Hope

    published October 8, 2003

    One evening last August, Matt Gonzalez, the mop-haired Green Party president of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, sat amid a circle of... More >>

  • And Now You Can Go

    published September 24, 2003

    By Vendela Vida Knopf (2003), $19.95 The debut novel from Dave Eggers' wife and The Believer magazine Interviews... More >>

  • Attack of the Smartasses

    published August 13, 2003

    I'm sitting in a downtown San Francisco cafe with a man who won't tell me his name. Instead, he insists that I call him "Roy Batty" -- leader of... More >>

  • The Wizard of Ass Has Spoken!

    published July 30, 2003

    It's Wednesday night, which means it's time for the "Ask Dr. Hal Show" at the Odeon, a dive bar in the Mission with walls that are painted black.... More >>

  • On Patrol in House Slippers

    published July 23, 2003

    St. Mary's Park is a quiet old neighborhood nestled between Bernal Heights and the 280 freeway, just below the waist of San Francisco. To get... More >>

  • Former Pimp Laid Low

    published June 25, 2003

    James Robinson, a vice president in the labor union that represents Municipal Railway drivers, was suspended from office earlier this month... More >>

  • How Much Is That Dragon in the Window?

    published June 25, 2003

    A few months ago, a corner market at Haight Street and Divisadero closed down, and the spot stood vacant for some time. Then, like a pernicious... More >>

  • Muni's Mack Daddy

    published June 4, 2003

    The crowd at the pimp convention in January was disappointingly thin. Only a handful of men in candy-colored suits, snakeskin boots, and fur hats... More >>

  • Fashion People

    published May 28, 2003

    By Gladys Perint Palmer Assouline Publishing (2003), $29.95 How on Earth did Gladys Perint Palmer manage to take the... More >>

  • The Anarchist Knitting Circle

    published May 21, 2003

    In 2000, Harvard sociology professor Robert D. Putnam tracked the erosion of American social networks and civic involvement in his book Bowling... More >>

  • Brain Storms

    published April 23, 2003

    Two years ago, Donna Mateer lost her grip on reality. She was living in a San Francisco board and care home, a private dwelling that provides... More >>

  • Ecstasy Is an Art Car

    published April 9, 2003

    You're driving south on Highway 101, hitting 70 mph as you zoom through San Jose. All of a sudden, up ahead, you see an odd-looking van-type... More >>

  • Feeding Frenzy

    published March 26, 2003

    "People might be getting hungry," said the bearded man, dropping an armload of oranges into the box lashed to Nan Eastep's bike. It was 8 a.m.... More >>

  • Death of a Deli

    published March 19, 2003

    The peach-colored shelves of the Florence Ravioli Factory and Deli in North Beach were nearly bare two Fridays ago. The clean, claylike smell of... More >>

  • Bent Outta Shape

    published January 22, 2003

    "Since the president is slowly getting drunk," deadpans Carey Dall, executive director of the San Francisco Bike Messenger Association, "I propose... More >>

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