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  • 2008 - Southern California Journalism Awards/LA Press Club, published April 5, 2007

    "Fight Club"

  • 2008 - Southern California Journalism Awards/LA Press Club, published July 5, 2007

    "Rock 'Em, Sock 'Em"

  • 2007 - Southern California Journalism Awards/LA Press Club, published July 20, 2006

    "Unreal Estate"

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  • Farrelly Mediocre

    published December 10, 2003

    Remember the Farrelly brothers? Makers of Dumb & Dumber and There's Something About Mary? Known for crossing the line of good taste... More >>

  • Under the Skin

    published September 24, 2003

    Currently available in finer comic-book and video-game stores nationwide is a curious series of toys, from Spawn comic-book creator Todd... More >>

  • Treasure Hunt

    published September 17, 2003

    Whatever you think Demonlover is, chances are it isn't. The title conjures up images reminiscent of fantasy artists Frank Frazetta and... More >>

  • Corey's Angels

    published September 10, 2003

    Move over, McG. The real Charlie's Angels sequel -- in spirit at least -- has arrived, and unlike the Fully Throttled mess we got earlier... More >>

  • Sol Brothers

    published September 3, 2003

    Those who remember Javier Bardem as the heartthrob poet from Before Night Falls or the distinguished detective in The Dancer... More >>

  • Dreamlife of Angels

    published August 20, 2003

    You know you're in a sci-fi movie with a concept much higher than its budget when minimalism is being used as a shorthand for futuristic. In the... More >>

  • Killing Time

    published August 6, 2003

    Military clerk Ray Elwood (Joaquin Phoenix) is something of a modern-day Sgt. Bilko (the 1950s TV character played by the late Phil Silvers).... More >>

  • Strange Days

    published July 16, 2003

    The last time a director known for dystopian sci-fi dreamscapes decided to bring his quirky sensibility to a more "real world" project, the... More >>

  • Grande Madame

    published July 9, 2003

    It's no given that audiences will embrace a passionately homosexual, drug-abusing male prostitute cum drag queen, especially if he happens to be... More >>

  • Fallen Angels

    published June 25, 2003

    As the Columbia Pictures logo looms large in the frame till its torch becomes the focal point, we find ourselves in what appears to be a tent full... More >>

  • Eye Caramba!

    published June 11, 2003

    There is one truly striking shock in the new made-in-Hong-Kong-by-Thai-directors horror flick The Eye, but unfortunately, Danny and Oxide... More >>

  • Think Different

    published May 28, 2003

    It's usually right about this time of year that film critics, especially those of advancing years, begin to feel a slow chill of dread creep up... More >>

  • Sexual Healing

    published March 12, 2003

    When you see a glamorous movie star like Kate Beckinsale tying her hair back and wearing glasses, it's surefire shorthand that she's an uptight... More >>

  • Phat Chance

    published March 5, 2003

    You know Internet dating's become totally mainstream when Disney cranks out a bland comedy featuring a randomly selected pair of mismatched stars... More >>

  • Gale Farce

    published February 19, 2003

    Right-wing pundits will be coming out of the woodwork to holler about this one. Bad enough, they'll say, that The Life of David Gale... More >>

  • Growing Pains

    published February 5, 2003

    Ah, Montana. State of mountains. And snow. And more mountains. And, uh ... big empty fields. Did we mention snow? It's none too surprising that we... More >>

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