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  • Of Community and Quarantine

    published December 18, 1996

    On Harrison Street, just off Fourth, an empty two-story building has been echoing with the sounds of hammers and saws in recent weeks. Vacant for... More >>

  • Custody by Ethnicity

    published September 18, 1996

    Under the grip of the immigration crackdown and in open defiance of established S.F. policy, the city's Juvenile Probation Department is... More >>

  • Monumental Disgrace

    published August 28, 1996

    Like the man begging beside it, the century-old sculpture celebrating America's national pastime is a victim of compassion fatigue. Shrouded in... More >>

  • Profiteers of a Privatized Safety Net

    published August 7, 1996

    Tony says he was a self-employed painter until last year when he suffered a head injury falling off a scaffold. Now he receives $625 a month in... More >>

  • Weak Foundation

    published July 24, 1996

    Four-and-a-half months into his new advisory position as Mayor Brown's homeless coordinator, Andy Olshin says he typically starts his workday at 7... More >>

  • Give Me Your Healthy

    published July 10, 1996

    Packed in a pink, paint-chipped cabinet beneath the Galindos' bathroom sink are baggies of penicillin and tetracycline capsules. The antibiotics... More >>

  • Designing Man

    published July 10, 1996

    Al Abayan has always been a handyman. Perpetually curious about form, function, and design, he repaired the front wheel mounts of his car when he... More >>

  • Cold Turkey

    published June 12, 1996

    Tom Crook leans against the brick wall of the St. Vincent de Paul Society Social Services Center, smoking a cigarette. Squinting against dust... More >>

  • Street of Dreams

    published June 5, 1996

    Rigo slides a ladder against the rear wall of the house. The ladder, like his faded sweat shirt, pants, and shoes, is spattered with paint. A... More >>

  • Dog Bites

    published May 22, 1996

    The Check Isn't in the Mail You work hard and do your job well, but your boss never pays you on time. He tells you to borrow money. He... More >>

Archives: 1996
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