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  • Justin Morell

    published December 31, 2003

    The Bay Area has a notable avant-garde jazz scene that has produced its share of internationally regarded heavyweights (saxophone quartet Rova,... More >>

  • Al Green

    published December 10, 2003

    Blue Note has always been one of America's -- and the world's -- premier jazz labels, bestowing upon us classic platters by such luminaries as... More >>

  • Paula Frazer

    published December 3, 2003

    Along with the Naked Barbies' Patty Spiglanin, Paula Frazer has one of the most distinctive sets of pipes in the Bay Area (and in the greater... More >>

  • The Ladybug Transistor

    published October 22, 2003

    Without any retro accouterments in its "look" or presentation (nary a hint of paisley, even), the Ladybug Transistor is a '60s-pop-rock... More >>

  • Elvis Costello

    published October 8, 2003

    There aren't many artists who can go through as many stylistic changes as Elvis Costello and still maintain a sizable and loyal following. Since... More >>

  • Jeff Buckley

    published September 10, 2003

    The late Jeff Buckley (1966-1997) was a singularly amazing vocalist -- a trait shared with his father, avant-folk troubadour Tim Buckley... More >>

  • Hamell on Trial

    published August 27, 2003

    Ed Hamell, better known as Hamell on Trial, was loosely affiliated with the '90s miniphenomenon known as anti-folk, the appellation bestowed on... More >>

  • Joe Ely

    published August 20, 2003

    Anyone interested in the genesis of the so-called altcountry or Americana genres ought to investigate this Joe Ely fellow. In 1977, just as... More >>

  • The Husbands

    published August 13, 2003

    Risen from the ashes of locals No Knife, the Vanishing, and the Lies, S.F.-based trio the Husbands bash it out in the manner of such simpatico... More >>

  • Tim O'Brien

    published August 13, 2003

    Like fellow traveler Rhonda Vincent, Tim O'Brien is of the generation of singer/musicians that actively bridges the eras of traditional,... More >>

  • Amy Allison

    published July 30, 2003

    There's an old expression about the apple not falling too far from the tree. In Amy Allison's case it's true, after a fashion. Allison is the... More >>

  • Rhonda Vincent

    published June 25, 2003

    Don't be alarmed by the slightly sultry photo of Rhonda Vincent adorning the front cover of her latest album: She's standing in the middle of a... More >>

  • Rahsaan Roland Kirk

    published June 4, 2003

    If there was ever a musician to whom the old saying "They made him, and then broke the mold" applied, Rahsaan Roland Kirk was it. Blind from age... More >>

  • Ian McCulloch

    published May 21, 2003

    Anyone tuning in to Ian McCulloch's latest solo album expecting to hear another Echo & the Bunnymen release will likely be a tad disappointed.... More >>

  • Amy Rigby

    published May 14, 2003

    Way back when, some famous Brit rock singer rasped out a line about shuffling off this mortal coil before getting too long in the tooth -- of... More >>

  • The Go-Betweens

    published May 7, 2003

    Before calling it quits in 1988, Australia's Go-Betweens were one of the 1980s' best melancholic alternapop groups, up there with fellow glum... More >>

  • Buzzcocks

    published April 30, 2003

    During Britain's late-'70s punk rock explosion, while the Sex Pistols showed off their over-the-top shock value(s) and the Clash vented its... More >>

  • The Kills

    published April 16, 2003

    The Kills are the latest entry in what might be termed "the new garage rock," differentiated from the old by the lack of 1960s orientation or... More >>

  • Townes Van Zandt

    published April 2, 2003

    Even without a single hit under his own name, the late Townes Van Zandt remains firmly ensconced in the songwriters' hall of fame. Emmylou Harris... More >>

  • Virgil Shaw

    published March 19, 2003

    Considering that I was never particularly taken with the Bay Area combo Dieselhed -- not a bad lot, mind you, but a tad too jokey for this writer... More >>

  • Pete Krebs & the Gossamer Wings

    published January 22, 2003

    Portland guitarist Pete Krebs has a fairly diverse résumé: punk-pop with the bands Hazel and Thrillhammer, semitrad bluegrass with... More >>

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