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  • Wayback Machinists

    published December 3, 2008

    With music, a popular descriptive-yet-damning delineation is “retro.” It’s reserved for performers drawing upon “roots”... More >>

  • Tipsy

    published December 3, 2008

    For Tipsy's third album — the first in seven years — the San Franciscans offer another spiffy exercise in retro-avant instrumental... More >>

  • Holly Golightly

    published November 26, 2008

    Accompanied by the Brokeoffs — actually Texan multi-instrumentalist Lawyer Dave — Holly Golightly draws upon... More >>

  • Strings Attached

    published November 26, 2008

    Hilary Hahn was already a featured soloist with the Philadelphia, Cleveland, and Pittsburgh symphony orchestras (plus that lil' New York... More >>

  • The Doe Duet

    published November 12, 2008

    Singer-songwriter and actor John Doe is, of course, a founding member of X, one of the first punk bands to explicitly embrace American... More >>

  • Ravi Coltrane's ascent into history

    published October 29, 2008

    Ravi Coltrane was but 2 years old when his father, tenor saxophonist John Coltrane, one of the greatest (and most controversial) figures in... More >>

  • The Dead Science

    published October 15, 2008

    Seattle-based Dead Science is either a pop band with experimental inclinations or an avant-garde combo disguised with contemporary mannerisms.... More >>

  • They Fought the Law

    published October 8, 2008

    Next time you hear a musician bellyache about the strenuous rock 'n' roll life, recall the Plastic People of the Universe. Formed in... More >>

  • Protest Staple

    published October 8, 2008

    Protest music" isn't always a guy or gal with an acoustic guitar, singing pointedly topical songs. There's a parallel tradition in America... More >>

  • The Australian Evangelist

    published September 10, 2008

    The Go-Betweens were one of the classiest, most literate new wave combos of the 1980s. The Australian act was led by Grant McLennan and... More >>

  • The young and the accomplished: Nico Muhly

    published August 13, 2008

    It's people like Nico Muhly who make you realize how little you've accomplished. He has worked with Philip Glass (as an assistant,... More >>

  • The Baseball Project

    published August 6, 2008

    Long before sports strikes, steroids scandals, and Madonna trysts reared their homely heads, baseball was considered to be America's great... More >>

  • El Vez Is King

    published July 30, 2008

    American icon Elvis Presley inspired many emulators. But El Vez is matchless, drawing upon the King as a point of departure for singing... More >>

  • Seun Kuti contends with complicated family ties

    published June 18, 2008

    When a son enters the family business, there's sometimes a built-in price tag. While some folks are proud of the kid for maintaining a fine... More >>

  • New disc and tour celebrate Miles Davis’ Indian influence

    published May 28, 2008

    Miles Davis remains one of the planet's most influential musicians and bandleaders. From the 1940s until his death in 1991, the trumpeter... More >>

  • Marcus Shelby Jazz Orchestra

    published May 14, 2008

    Jazz bassist Marcus Shelby is a composer, bandleader, and Bay Area educator. He combines these talents on the magnum opus Harriet... More >>

  • Long Island Rhymes

    published May 7, 2008

    The latest release by Long Island ladies Northern State features a smart mélange of old-school hip-hop (think Public Enemy, whose... More >>

  • Ramsey's Roots

    published April 30, 2008

    If it weren't for the Americana tag, North Carolina's Tyler Ramsey would be almost any record label's marketing nightmare. Heck, even the... More >>

  • Colin Meloy’s heartfelt approach is Donovan-esque

    published April 30, 2008

    Live performance skills separate the truly talented from those just getting by in a studio or band context. Take Colin Meloy, frontman... More >>

  • Giant Sandcastles

    published April 23, 2008

    If one takes a step back for perspective, Howe Gelb is something of a focal point for a great deal of post-1984 Southwestern alterna-rock... More >>

  • Enon

    published April 9, 2008

    Formerly a noise-rock vehicle for John Schmersal, Brooklyn's Enon is now a coed trio mixing shards 'n' sheets of noise with fuzzy production... More >>

  • Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey

    published April 9, 2008

    The lads comprising Tulsa's Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey — none of whom are named Jacob or Fred — are jazz musicians of a generation for... More >>

  • Forget Shelter, Gimme Asylum

    published April 2, 2008

    Texas is a cradle of civilization. After all, the Lone Star State gave the world Bob Wills, Wes Anderson, Danny Elfman, the Butthole Surfers, and... More >>

  • From Russia with Love: Auktyon's avant-rock

    published March 26, 2008

    The latest wave of introspective songsters (Feist, Kate Nash, etc.) sounds so very fastidious, all glaringly shiny-pleasant with studio sheen.... More >>

  • Justin Time

    published March 19, 2008

    One of the most poignant scenes in The Godfather Part II is brothers Michael and Fredo Corleone drinking at an outdoor Cuban cafe. Fredo... More >>

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