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  • Odor! Odor in the Court

    published October 18, 2000

    Paul Camera, a family law attorney in Marin County, didn't want to embarrass the judge. He only wanted what was best for his client, and... More >>

  • How to Kill a Nonprofit

    published September 27, 2000

    Calvin Swinson believes in living his life by the book. He worked as an accountant for many years, but has since retired, and now spends his... More >>

  • The Revolution is Canceled

    published August 30, 2000

    The August sun is still warm in the early evening when the guests arrive at the little get-together on Russian Hill. Jonee Levy and her husband,... More >>

  • Preserved to Death

    published August 9, 2000

    When the Young Men's Hebrew Association decided to expand the scope of its secular activities in the early 1930s, the organization pushed forward... More >>

  • Pants on Fire

    published July 26, 2000

    In her one-year career with the Fire Department, Melanie Stapper, more than anything else, wanted to belong. A sturdy woman with thick shoulders,... More >>

  • The Sound of Politics

    published July 19, 2000

    A large group of families gathers on the perfect lawns of the Olympic Club to watch a private fireworks show on the weekend before the Fourth of... More >>

  • Twice Burned

    published June 14, 2000

    Chol Soo Lee and a friend drove the Great Highway in darkness, discussing how they would set the fire. Lee was a little nervous. He'd never burned... More >>

  • Greasing the Rails

    published May 10, 2000

    The grand opening of Muni's F line extension to Fisherman's Wharf in March marked one step in the rebirth of the city's eastern waterfront. It was... More >>

  • School of Hard Knocks

    published April 26, 2000

    aura LaRosa must leave in a few hours to report for a job that entails smiling behind the makeup counter of a local department store. What she... More >>

  • Closed Shop

    published March 15, 2000

    Criss Romero suspected he might ruffle some feathers around the union hall when he went to work for Tom Ammiano's mayoral campaign last November,... More >>

  • A Piece of the Action

    published March 8, 2000

    ANTHONY HANG HAS BETTER THINGS TO DO ON his daughter's birthday than talk about an old girlfriend and her devious ways. He has a centipede of... More >>

  • Spy vs Spite

    published February 2, 2000

    The first snow of the season is falling on New York in big fluffy flakes, making the city look new again. The offices of the Anti-Defamation... More >>

  • For Pete's Sake

    published January 12, 2000

    Though it's garnered little media attention, a crime initiative pushed by former Gov. Pete Wilson on the upcoming March ballot would significantly... More >>

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