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  • Abbey's Road

    published December 29, 1999

    There has been no better place to enjoy this mild December than the eastern end of Golden Gate Park. Unseasonably warm weather has continued to... More >>

  • Postscript

    published December 15, 1999

    There are few things more agonizing than patiently awaiting a rite of passage. Who can forget the nagging itch of the gas-pedal foot during the... More >>

  • Trojan Horse

    published November 24, 1999

    A young couple meanders past an Italianate storefront at the corner of Market and Castro streets, slowing to glance into the window at earth-tone... More >>

  • Review

    published November 10, 1999

    James Cotton Biscuits & Blues Wednesday, Oct. 27 You know the drill. An aging legend of blues (or jazz, or rock, or whatever)... More >>

  • Money, Art, and Lawyers

    published November 3, 1999

    In what may be the largest settlement of its kind, the owners of the former Lilli Ann garment factory building at 17th and Harrison streets have... More >>

  • When Cesar Reigned

    published October 13, 1999

    If I squeeze my eyelids together until the lashes touch, I can still see the silhouette of a lone student facing down a Muni bus in Union Square.... More >>

  • Rights of Passage

    published September 15, 1999

    Johnny King reaches out the window of his matte-blue Mazda RX-7 and holds his hand inches from a keypad mounted near the gate blocking Las Trampas... More >>

  • God, Antimatter, and Magritte

    published September 1, 1999

    San Francisco's miraculous economy certainly has its positive side: an SUV in every pot; 24-year-olds owning 24-room mansions; 64 new millionaires... More >>

  • Welcome Home

    published August 18, 1999

    About a half-mile from California's fastest-growing town, signs sprout from the alfalfa fields, heralding a new sort of growth: The Estates at... More >>

  • Sticking Point

    published July 14, 1999

    Sitting in the bayside corner suite of the Brisbane office tower from which he steers his new venture capital start-up, VaxGen Inc., Don Francis... More >>

  • Habitat for Inanity

    published July 7, 1999

    When Habitat for Humanity International was founded 23 years ago, it was based on the idea that uniting Christians to build houses for the poor... More >>

  • Tapped Out

    published June 16, 1999

    It's not the widest crack in San Francisco's crumbling stature as a world financial and industrial hub. Only 250 or so people will lose their... More >>

  • Diagnosis: Eviction

    published June 9, 1999

    One was a Jewish immigrant who survived the Holocaust. At least three fought as U.S. soldiers. Others were European immigrants and Americans who... More >>

  • Salon.con

    published May 5, 1999

    Scrolling through the pages of the Web magazine Salon is like living a surreal dream. Whimsical, yet haunting drawings illustrate bawdy, yet... More >>

  • Road to Redemption

    published April 28, 1999

    Slouching in the doorway of a dimly lit room at the Monterey Travelodge, America's greatest bicycling coach gazes forlornly into a relentless... More >>

  • Rays of Hope

    published April 14, 1999

    In January 1998, Janet Wright took her mother to a Peninsula nursing home to recover from surgery on a broken right heel. The recovery went... More >>

  • Strike While the Iron Is Hot

    published March 24, 1999

    Imagine this coming tax day not as death's dreary counterpart, but as a delightful springtime street pageant filled with amazing sights. Like... More >>

  • Ship of Fools

    published March 17, 1999

    Karl Brandes kneels on the main deck of the old wooden steam schooner Wapama as if cradling a fallen lover. A lean, sandy-haired shipwright with... More >>

  • Industry: Pheasant Fad

    published February 24, 1999

    Life's gotta be tough as a Silicon Valley minute-magnate. Just when you've finished buying the 23-bedroom Mountain View mansion with the... More >>

  • Laissez Ferret

    published February 24, 1999

    You'll spot them every so often driving the speed limit on border-crossing back roads. Maybe walking down suburban sidewalks with squirming shapes... More >>

  • Dead Man Not Praying

    published February 3, 1999

    It's not a church, exactly, but it is certainly a congregation that meets at the visiting salon in the ancient stone and concrete building at the... More >>

  • Industry: One Haute Sauce

    published January 27, 1999

    Until around five years ago, every time we came back from Mexico we would stuff a dozen or so baseball-sized cans of Herdez chipotle chiles into... More >>

  • Ordinary People

    published January 20, 1999

    Aside from the more than 100 pastors, three dozen police officers, 1,200 spectators, and knot of national media reporters, Saturday's historic... More >>

  • Telling Fortunes

    published January 20, 1999

    A mammoth computer monitor sits atop a pulpit in the conference room of KMV Corp.'s Montgomery Street office. Studying it, one imagines peering... More >>

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