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  • Regulating Change

    published December 27, 2000

    Not long before 5 p.m. on the eve of the New Hampshire primary, an Alaska Airlines plane carrying 88 passengers twisted upside down in the sky... More >>

  • What's Come Around

    published December 20, 2000

    The last few days at SF Weekly Enterprises have been bustling with holiday preparations. We've placed horned wreaths over the New Times Corp.... More >>

  • Breaking the Cycle

    published December 13, 2000

    As I find typical of funerary events, noon in front of the Hall of Justice two Fridays ago was a beautiful moment to be outside; the air was... More >>

  • Generation Excess

    published December 6, 2000

    A century and a half ago, America birthed a lamentable tribe known as Robber Barons, venal fat men who squandered lives and landscape to... More >>

  • Advise and Resent

    published November 29, 2000

    With the holiday season upon us, it's time to reflect upon events just past, to contemplate the coming year, and, ideally, to come out a better... More >>

  • Death in Toon Town

    published November 22, 2000

    Vinny Carrella takes a bite out of his bagel. I sip my coffee. We both look briefly away: at the table, out the window, at the other customers in... More >>

  • What's Green and Black and Blue All Over?

    published November 15, 2000

    I don't usually go on record siding against the victims of battered-partner syndrome. But there comes a time when any God-fearing person is forced... More >>

  • Not Com

    published November 8, 2000

    Rhonda Richford, 25, formerly a writer for business-to-business Web site, lost her job... More >>

  • Fear, Loathing, and Non Sequiturs at Chico State

    published November 1, 2000

    It was 9 a.m. on a Monday, I'd been up all night, and I knew that if I closed my eyelids, they'd scrape painful grooves down the panes of my... More >>

  • A Walk in the Dark

    published October 25, 2000

    The avant-garde opera Dead Man Walking -- based on Sister Helen Prejean's saga of spiritual redemption on Louisiana's death row -- so... More >>

  • Sharing the Love

    published October 18, 2000

    The first car I ever drove was a gray, four-door 1964 Ford Galaxie 500 Custom with a six-cylinder engine, a trunk that held five bicycles, and the... More >>

  • Age of Bile

    published October 11, 2000

    Be thou as chaste as ice, as pure as snow, thou shalt not escape calumny. -- Shakespeare, Hamlet I just checked my... More >>

  • Power Politics

    published September 20, 2000

    Albany management consultant Nancy Snow is a skilled chef and likes to dine at home. She prefers fresh vegetables to frozen or canned, and uses... More >>

  • Past Imperfect

    published September 13, 2000

    The evil that men do lives after them; the good is oft interred with their bones. -- William Shakespeare If any legacy... More >>

  • I Have a Dream 2.0

    published September 6, 2000

    On Aug. 28, 1963, the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. stood before 250,000 demonstrators at the National Mall in Washington, D.C., and he said, "I... More >>

  • March Madness

    published August 30, 2000

    "My father called last weekend with a pleasant bit of news. He had been at the hospital visiting his old friend Earl Armantraut, a World War II... More >>

  • Killer, Junkie, Liar, Thief...

    published August 23, 2000

    Of all the historical figures considered quintessentially San Franciscan -- Herb Caen, Joe Alioto, Scott Newhall, et al. -- the most... More >>

  • Death and Taxis

    published August 16, 2000

    On the morning of Sunday, July 2, Hattie Neelon dressed for church, as always. Kidney problems have slowed her, but Neelon is still an officer of... More >>

  • It's an Ugly Day in the Neighborhood

    published August 9, 2000

    Panama Street, an unpaved dogleg off Niantic Avenue just east of the San Francisco Country Club, officially belongs to the city of San Francisco.... More >>

  • Current Events

    published August 2, 2000

    DEPENDING ON HOW YOU APPROACH THE MATTER, Joan Vilms, the spry, fiftysomething champion of the Russian River, is the sort of person you like... More >>

  • Gossip!!!

    published June 28, 2000

    Did anyone else happen to notice a peculiar summertime glow on the faces of the city's wealthy liberal elite during the past two weeks? We think... More >>

  • Matt Smith

    published June 28, 2000

    Sitting on a park bench outside the Presidio YMCA, gazing a couple of years forward into the evening sky, one can see the twinkle of a Death... More >>

  • Matt Smith

    published June 21, 2000

    Parking Problem Sometimes at the beginning of a potentially mistrust-driven relationship -- jailer-convict; husband-wife;... More >>

  • Aparkalypse Now

    published May 24, 2000

    Bedlam reigns as a great development boom besets the warehouse district south of downtown San Francisco. Blood boiling, drivers late to work... More >>

  • Cracker Morons Who Maim

    published May 10, 2000

    Cracker Morons Who MaimIt seems like at least once a month I'll find myself in a streetside shouting match with some cracker moron... More >>

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