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  • Et Tu, Mom?

    published June 20, 2001

    And they called unto Lot, and said unto him, Where are the men which came in to thee this night? Bring them out unto us, that we may know them.... More >>

  • Getting the Treatment

    published June 13, 2001

    I've seen Lydia -- a woman whose warm, graceful manner belies her difficult life -- three times since we were children: once at a funeral, again... More >>

  • Warning: Deconstruction Ahead

    published June 6, 2001

    I spent the mid-1980s cowering ignorantly at the back of college seminars, watching fellow students trade phrases from Foucault, Baudrillard,... More >>

  • Axing Permission

    published May 30, 2001

    To understand the awful housing mess San Francisco has gotten itself into, it's useful to get to know Nick Pasquariello, a freelance technical... More >>

  • Sporting News

    published May 23, 2001

    It's fitting that our Best of San Francisco issue hits newsstands in the days following the year's best weekend -- Northern California's... More >>

  • Cats and Dogs

    published April 25, 2001

    I don't know much about performance art, but I know what I like. And I really like it when 100 performance and other artists assemble to... More >>

  • Tales of the North Pacific

    published April 18, 2001

    Next week's issue of the San Francisco- based Industry Standard says that NBC plans to spend $85 million buying back from shareholders... More >>

  • Do-Gooders, NIMBYs, and Other Insects

    published April 11, 2001

    If a nonprofit organization called the Coevolution Institute has its way, the two grassy knolls north of the Embarcadero Center office towers may ... More >>

  • The Art of the Deal

    published April 4, 2001

    Desperation has no actual smell, despite what people say; but it might as well. One would think, for example, that there would be no finer dining... More >>

  • Flying Blind

    published March 28, 2001

    Shipping bra and panty material to Honduras used to be a simple matter. You'd land one of your ABX Air DC8-63F cargo craft on the tarmac of the... More >>

  • The Best Ambassador Money Can Buy?

    published March 21, 2001

    Late in the summer of 1993, Laurent Fignon, a French cycling champion known for his stylish blond ponytail, urbane granny glasses, and clumsily... More >>

  • Q: What's the Opposite of a Miracle?

    published March 14, 2001

    There will come a time when Friday, March 10, 2001 -- the day California transportation officials unleashed their vacuum trucks on a hallowed... More >>

  • Language Arts for a New Millennium

    published March 7, 2001

    As the roaring lion of early March mellows into April's balmy lamb, it's time for S.F. gardeners to prepare for another spring planting season:... More >>

  • A Primer on Housing

    published February 28, 2001

    According to one manner of thinking, San Francisco awoke this week to find its housing crisis in full retreat. The four-year battle against... More >>

  • Burning Questions

    published February 21, 2001

    Not to toot my own horn or anything, but I think I may have orchestrated mankind's first perfect burn. Anyone who attended high school during the... More >>

  • Smoke and Smearers

    published February 14, 2001

    Of all of the underreported stories of 2001 -- the simian Evernet(1), secret BART tunnels More >>

  • KRONic Complaints

    published February 7, 2001

    The video-editing machines at San Francisco's KRON television have been whirring double time during the past few weeks as on-camera staffers... More >>

  • Don't Let Them Turn Out the Lights

    published January 31, 2001

    Last week, as I stood in the rain in front of a South of Market barroom awaiting a man called "Pud," I perceived the end of all that is good: of... More >>

  • Delete the Sea Walls

    published January 24, 2001

    I ran into my neighbor Deirdre Harris at the laundromat last week, and learned that she's proofreading San Francisco. "First I noticed them... More >>

  • The Plot Thins

    published January 17, 2001

    It was only a matter of time before someone outed us. I only wish we'd been exposed by an investigative journal more prestigious than a... More >>

  • Stone Deaf and Blind

    published January 10, 2001

    One day last spring German stonemason Oskar Kempf was minding his own business when his radio dial bumped into a drive-time talk show. That would... More >>

  • Cocktail Time

    published January 3, 2001

    In a "To Our Readers" column accompanying its 1996 Man of the Year issue, Time magazine President Bruce Hallet noted that the man in... More >>

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