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  • Pumping Irony

    published December 17, 2003

    About a month ago I invited Gavin Newsom to the movies through his campaign spokesman, John Shanley. The invitation didn't get anywhere, but I'm... More >>

  • Subwaylaid

    published December 10, 2003

    Because my deadline required writing this column last week, I had no way of knowing how Tuesday's mayoral election turned out. But I had a dream.... More >>

  • According to Plan

    published November 26, 2003

    Over the past two decades, Vancouver, British Columbia, has become famous for an urban-design experiment. Planners there drafted strict guidelines... More >>

  • Derailing the Jaye Train

    published November 19, 2003

    As the son of preachers, I've always fancied great oratory. I'm also a fan of Biblically proportioned drama. So I felt quite content as I... More >>

  • The Looking-Glass Campaign

    published November 12, 2003

    News reports were correct: On Nov. 4, 2003, 111 Minna was the heppest, grooviest, raddest spot this side of Amsterdam. There were so many... More >>

  • Lee Way

    published November 5, 2003

    I wasn't present last month when Sunset neighborhood political broker Julie Lee and her dutiful son, Andrew, entered the office of Supervisor... More >>

  • The Migden Chronicles

    published October 29, 2003

    Dozens of cadavers lie piled in the rutted grass. One body stirs. Then another. Several push their torsos from the mud. It's unclear whether... More >>

  • Sounds of Silence

    published October 22, 2003

    Seven years ago Regi Harvey decided to clean house -- for good. "People would come over to my house on a Friday night, and I got tired of the... More >>

  • Using Arnold to Get Gavin

    published October 8, 2003

    Though the pageant of the recall race that ended Tuesday was wildly entertaining, it also represented a quandary for public-service-oriented... More >>

  • Vapidity Fair

    published October 1, 2003

    A month or so ago I found myself in a North Beach eatery sharing drinks with charming and talented Chronicle food columnist GraceAnn Walden... More >>

  • The Past and Future Fraud

    published September 24, 2003

    Civil rights advocates, partisan Democrats, and liberal academics are pleased with the three-judge panel of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals... More >>

  • Total Future Awareness

    published September 17, 2003

    In the past, people organized conferences devoted to the future. They discussed things like the New Economy, changed paradigms for social linkage,... More >>

  • Son of Super Swindler

    published September 10, 2003

    Rarely does a journalist happen upon a question that's magical, eliciting a response so extraordinary as to hint at truly untoward goings-on. For... More >>

  • Recalling Reagan

    published August 27, 2003

    When witnessing the pageant of political alienation afflicting our state, I blame the recall. When I see the signature-gathering zealots rubbing... More >>

  • The Chick Factor

    published August 20, 2003

    To hear Board of Supervisors President Matt Gonzalez tell it, his recent decision to run for mayor and infuriate left iconettes Tom Ammiano,... More >>

  • Gimme Shelters

    published August 13, 2003

    Talk about your Wall Street accounting scandals: The new budget passed by the California Legislature is so fraught with financial chicanery that... More >>

  • Uncle Sam Needs You to Be a Suspected Terrorist

    published August 6, 2003

    Ordinarily, I'm not one to advocate boarding a flight to London wearing a button that says, "Suspected Terrorist." Nor, ordinarily, would I... More >>

  • Recalling a Historical Mistake

    published July 30, 2003

    Last Thursday evening, when the headlines were announcing that our first gubernatorial recall election would be held Oct. 7, I leaned toward a... More >>

  • It's the Economic Development, Stupid

    published July 16, 2003

    Five years before he died last February at age 91, I got a chance to speak with Hal "Snake" Perry, an ebullient retired foreign-service agent who,... More >>

  • In-laws You Can Live With

    published July 9, 2003

    I have a fantasy about my neighbors. Mind you: I don't have any real reason to believe they're anything more or less than ordinary people.... More >>

  • Playing Pool

    published July 2, 2003

    When diagnosing complex societal malaise, the simplest and most obvious symptoms can be telling. Where beat cops solicit bribes, there's... More >>

  • First SF Weekly Sharpie Literary Awards

    published June 18, 2003

    On Geary Boulevard near Arguello, just before dawn, a ragtag band of repo men stakes out a shyster's luxury auto dealership. In a makeshift... More >>

  • Hey, Man, Got Any ID?

    published June 11, 2003

    Imagine a health care system in a republic we'll call Doobieland, where public health is overseen by frightened, distracted bureaucrats who don't... More >>

  • Making Scents at SFO

    published May 28, 2003

    On Thursday, San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown tapped Eleanor Johns, a woman long known for handling Brown's personal, financial, and political... More >>

  • SFO My God

    published May 21, 2003

    The president, the national congress, and the business leadership of Honduras have spent a good part of May attempting to unwind a financial... More >>

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