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  • SEIU boss Andy Stern wouldn't mind if McCain gets elected

    published October 1, 2008

    In the final moments of a historic campaign, an old political hand pulls an outlandish stunt that will either damage him, or help make him one... More >>

  • Facing foreclosure? Con man Paul Noe II has a deal for you

    published September 24, 2008

    Dunstanto Lopez stands at the center of the foreclosure storm that's boarding up neighborhoods around America. The value of his home in Hayward... More >>

  • Gavin Newsom's out-of-town businesses with SF addresses

    published September 17, 2008

    What with his expensive suits, recent A-list wedding, and patronage from the Getty oil fortune, Gavin Newsom doesn't seem the kind of man who... More >>

  • Press Democrat Gives Misleading Solace to Area Bank Depositers

    published Sep 10, 2008

    Talk about missing the trees for the forest. Michael Scott, a reporter at the Santa Rosa Press Democrat, put a local North Bay spin on the national mortgage crisis Sunday with a feature story that be... More >>

  • Dubious UCSF Study Claims Cops Extort Sex

    published September 10, 2008

    Amid the hubbub of the 22,000 academics, bureaucrats, and policy wonks attending last month's International AIDS Conference in Mexico City, one... More >>

  • Double Bogey

    published September 3, 2008

    How many people in San Francisco are involved in multimillion-dollar illegal tax shelters? Would you believe: more than 200,000? That's... More >>

  • Gavin Newson's New Age adviser gives voters some advice

    published August 27, 2008

    To relieve anxiety from the too-close-to-call 2008 presidential campaign, look to another election whose conclusion is all but foregone. Events... More >>

  • Shaky bond insurers cost taxpayers money

    published August 13, 2008

    Sage editors, wishing to impress upon cub reporters that nothing is news unless it's extraordinary, repeat a journalism adage: We never write... More >>

  • Dr. G. Newsom Gets Hands Dirty

    published Aug 06, 2008

    So much commentary about San Francisco's mayor focuses on his dishonesty, laziness, drunkenness, frivolity and narcissism. That's why SF Weekly was gratified to find this image of Gavin Newsom doing w... More >>

  • Little GoCars are big polluters

    published August 6, 2008

    Anyone frequenting North Beach, Fisherman's Wharf, or other S.F. tourist haunts has been startled by the chainsawlike whine of tiny yellow... More >>

  • November ballot measures promise eco-confusion

    published August 6, 2008

    The next time your nosy cubiclemate says you should do more to save the planet, call her a chump. If you've been sitting on your ass while... More >>

  • Chron insiders hate Willie Brown's new column

    published July 30, 2008

    In 2004, apparently unbeknownst to his employers, San Francisco Chronicle columnist Phil Matier cut a deal with Mayor Willie Brown and... More >>

  • Fixie-Fashionistas Find Olympic Outlaw Cred

    published Jul 28, 2008

    Of all the fashion genuflection performed by bi-coastal hep-cats, none’s more baffling than the adoration of all things Nihon Jitensha Shinkōkai, the name of an obscure industrial council respons... More >>

  • Claim: Dockworkers Stalling West Coast Cargo

    published Jul 28, 2008

    To collapsing banks and rising fuel prices, add laggard dockworkers to the plagues afflicting the U.S. economy. As San Francisco-based negotiations drag on between the International Longshore and Wa... More >>

  • The Pork Park

    published July 23, 2008

    When a public official employs treachery, pork-barrel politics, and doublespeak in the name of good policy, what is a priggish columnist to... More >>

  • Public Power Grab

    published July 16, 2008

    After a decade of trying, San Francisco is still a long way from stopping the diesel smoke that spews over the city's eastern neighborhoods... More >>

  • Air Heads

    published July 9, 2008

    Efrain Vanegas, a reporter with La Tribuna newspaper in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, emphatically agrees when I propose the word "chaos" to... More >>

  • Stealth Bloggers

    published July 2, 2008

    What with viral videos such as's "Yes We Can" spot on Barack Obama and online jabberwocky about a supposed... More >>

  • Progressive Justice

    published June 25, 2008

    This week's Feature is a Matt Smith comic! Click here to flip through the... More >>

  • Video: Adam Werbach Describes New Job

    published Jun 20, 2008

    If your job search has so far come up blank, cheer up. A whole new category of employment opportunity has appeared under the new rubric “Chief Sustainability Officer.” For these new positions, c... More >>

  • Eminently Logical

    published May 28, 2008

    If you're an environmentalist, an antipoverty activist, or a member of any other well-meaning civic group, your fellow travelers have told you... More >>

  • For Whom the Bridge Tolls

    published May 14, 2008

    When financial executives have to pay an extra dollar for crossing the Golden Gate Bridge, terrorists win. At least, that's one moral to be... More >>

  • Can't We All Just Roll Along?

    published May 7, 2008

    To envision the future he'd like to see, architect Robin Levitt shows a small downtown crowd of transportation geeks a selection of postwar... More >>

  • Fall Into the Cash

    published April 23, 2008

    Don Fisher, the iconic founder of the Gap stores, is known for the messes he and his sons step into. A few years ago, he invited a boycott of... More >>

  • Cruise Control

    published April 9, 2008

    For public health advocates, the Internet, and its ability to spread disease through anonymous sex hookups, is the new tobacco. Just as the... More >>

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