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  • Big Surprise

    published July 21, 2004

    Robert and I had lunched on soup and sandwiches before attending an Italian wine tasting sponsored by the Slow Food organization. But the... More >>

  • Just for Me

    published July 14, 2004

    Though I field restaurant questions on an almost daily basis, there are times when I draw a blank, even when the question is mine. The other day... More >>

  • Fishing Again

    published July 7, 2004

    Something about the fresh, clean facade of Café Maritime pleased me weeks before I walked into it. It seemed as inviting as could be, like... More >>

  • Go Fish

    published June 30, 2004

    I haven't the faintest idea why I found Art's Crab Shak so alluring whenever I drove past the place, located on a singularly unpromising strip of... More >>

  • Better Than Sane: Tales From a Dangling Girl

    published June 30, 2004

    By Alison Rose Knopf (2004), $23 The latest addition to the 5-foot shelf of New Yorker memoirs is notable for two... More >>

  • Falling in Love, Slowly

    published June 23, 2004

    It's unpredictable. You can fall in love at first sight or over a long time. And there are no rules (despite what you've read). I was nuts for Tom... More >>

  • The Best of the Wurst

    published June 16, 2004

    I love hot dogs. Ballpark franks, garlicky kosher dogs, even the pale, lukewarm, dubious ones you get at movie theater snack counters -- I eat... More >>

  • Tricolore, Twice

    published June 9, 2004

    I thought I knew where we were going to have dinner after I met friends at the opening for Michael Tompkins' show at Paul Thiebaud on Columbus. Da... More >>

  • Small World

    published June 2, 2004

    "It's not easy to park around there," I said, somewhat automatically, to Peter, after he'd not only agreed to join me for dinner at a new Indian... More >>

  • Beefed Up

    published May 26, 2004

    A few Tuesdays ago it was dueling restaurant desires, when the first place we'd thought of for dinner after an art opening in North Beach proved... More >>

  • Obsession Junction

    published May 12, 2004

    I liked Morgan Spurlock's Super Size Me even more than I thought I would. From its first shot -- a bunch of cute kids singing a campy song... More >>

  • Hits and Myths

    published May 5, 2004

    I've never been to Greece, though I made a concerted effort one year when I was 16 and applied to a drama school in Delphi for a summer session. I... More >>

  • Hawaiian Aye

    published April 28, 2004

    Let me say this right away: I'm the girl tropical drinks were invented for. I like the flavors of coconut, guava, mango, and papaya, and... More >>

  • Shanghai Express

    published April 21, 2004

    There's a kind of food writing that I absolutely hate, which is when the express purpose of the piece seems to be to tell you about some marvelous... More >>

  • Super Size Me

    published April 14, 2004

    As soon as I got the schedule for the 47th San Francisco International Film Festival, I called Robert up to see if he wanted to join me at some... More >>

  • City of Light

    published April 7, 2004

    "I feel like we're in Paris," my father says happily as we settle into a window alcove in the front room of 1550 Hyde. "It feels echt San... More >>

  • The Way We Eat Now

    published March 31, 2004

    I used to wish I'd been invited to a banquet M.F.K. Fisher wrote about, typical of the Victorian era (indeed, one served to Queen Victoria... More >>

  • Safe Harbor

    published March 24, 2004

    My friend Tom, who ought to know, told me that there are now 75 film festivals in the Bay Area. I was surprised, but I shouldn't have been, since... More >>

  • Take a Trip

    published March 17, 2004

    When Phillipe called to say that he and Liz were up from L.A. for a few days, we immediately made a date for lunch. "It's funny," I said, "that we... More >>

  • Viva Las Vegas

    published March 10, 2004

    I've only been to Las Vegas a few times, but I have many vivid memories from those brief trips: seeing home movies of Diana Ross projected onto a... More >>

  • Jew Eat Yet?

    published March 3, 2004

    My eating patterns are somewhat dichotomous: There's the on-the-job eating (caviar, pheasant under glass, soufflé Rothschild, like that).... More >>

  • Closely Set Tables

    published February 25, 2004

    The first time I noticed Tablespoon was when my brother and I were walking back to his car after a nice dinner at Pesce, right down the street.... More >>

  • Pig Heaven

    published February 18, 2004

    During a recent trip to the East Coast, I spent hundreds of dollars in the pursuit of good meals, trying a catholic assortment of new,... More >>

  • My Precious

    published February 11, 2004

    I am always a trifle wary of trends in dining. I'm happier if restaurateurs are creating menus and eateries out of passion and conviction and... More >>

  • Town and Out

    published February 4, 2004

    I'm thrilled when I walk into Town Hall, a little early for my dinner with David and Jeffrey, friends in town for a few days from New York.... More >>

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