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  • Predictions for San Francisco 2011

    published December 29, 2010

    January • Major telecommunications collapse and the grid melts down. Municipal services fail. Cities go quiet. Black smoke... More >>

  • The Go-Getter

    published December 22, 2010

    Since the series started earlier this year, Snob Theater has featured darlings of the local music scene alongside equally feted local... More >>

  • Growing Pains

    published December 8, 2010

    In late 2010, we're pretty sure mustaches are finally back out. Granted, a mustache is nothing like a trucker hat; it'll never be completely... More >>

  • Dog Day Afternoon

    published December 1, 2010

    It's always hard to share the holidays with someone of different politics — even the politics of dog training. Put Cesar Millan and the SF... More >>

  • All Ages

    published November 24, 2010

    Bay to Breakers is like an old punk band: harangued by cops, cursed by substance abuse, liable to get arrested whenever it plays. Perhaps it will... More >>

  • Talking Points

    published November 24, 2010

    In the dawn of 2010, the White House battled health care, two wars, the Party of No, and a battered economy, and frequent MSNBC political... More >>

  • It's a Trip

    published November 10, 2010

    Erik Davis is one of those West Coast mystical intellectuals trading in technology, myth, mysticism, magik, spirituality, and Wired -- he also has... More >>

  • Earth Shaking

    published November 3, 2010

    Andy Goldsworthy's art swings between two poles: big, permanent exhibits in museums and parks, which can withstand a good blast; and delicate,... More >>

  • Driven to Insanity

    published October 27, 2010

    Muni is the municipal equivalent of Lindsay Lohan. Everything appears to be going fine: The door closes, the bus moves away from the curb, your... More >>

  • Ghouls' Night Out

    published October 13, 2010

    The website of North Beach's San Remo Hotel makes no mention of the occupant of room 33 ― could be because the hotel used to be a brothel... More >>

  • Word for Word

    published September 22, 2010

    With so many serious writers working in the children's section, kids’ books are a welcome trap door into high culture. And nobody has tripped... More >>

  • That Ice Cream Didn't Eat Itself

    published September 22, 2010

    Tonight, Bucky Sinister gets onstage at Roommates from Hell and tells stories about his crappy roommates. Think about that: The punk-rock... More >>

  • Running with the Bull

    published September 22, 2010

    More than seven years ago, René Redzepi began foraging the countryside of Denmark trying to find things to eat, guided by his palate... More >>

  • Gold Sounds

    published September 15, 2010

    It's a testament to the mysterious, haunting Nina Simone that the only one who dares approach her is the similarly haunting Antony (of the... More >>

  • Stuffed

    published September 15, 2010

    Foodie culture is one of the most overblown trends to infect our popular imagination since the last thing — fixie bikes? But this sort of... More >>

  • List: How do the homeless cope without McDonald's dollar meals?

    published September 15, 2010

    The Haight Street branch of McDonald's recently did away with the $1 menu, angering homeless people in the area who relied on the cheap fast... More >>

  • This Is the Situation

    published September 8, 2010

    Many people go through a Jerry Springer phase, usually running concurrent with a rough patch in their lives: losing a job, losing their shit,... More >>

  • Rocked Them All

    published September 8, 2010

    At first glance, it's hard to judge the work in the photography book Please Take Me off the Guest List. The work asks not only “What... More >>

  • More Theater Reviews

    published September 1, 2010

    Shopping! The Musical. Some theater types want to be Hamlet; others want to be Liza Minnelli. The smiling, hardworking performers... More >>

  • Writers Write

    published September 1, 2010

    Stephen Elliott writes e-mail. That's basically all he does. The e-mails go out to however many people under the banner of the Daily Rumpus, and... More >>

  • Not All That David Copperfield Kind of Crap

    published September 1, 2010

    An art show that draws inspiration from The Catcher in the Rye and social media -- occurring at the dawn of another goddamn school year --... More >>

  • Screen Rock

    published September 1, 2010

    This week, Mogwai's Burning and Daft Punk's Electroma appear at big-screened venues. If we were to choose the better night... More >>

  • Don't Call It Peppery

    published September 1, 2010

    Everybody knows how to attend a wine tasting: You stand there, sip, murmur thoughtfully, sip, nod expansively, sip, agree with whatever the hell... More >>

  • Film Showtimes for the week of September 1-7, 2010

    published September 1, 2010

    To submit a listing, e-mail Artists' Television Access.... More >>

  • More Theater Reviews

    published August 25, 2010

    Shopping! The Musical. Some theater types want to be Hamlet; others want to be Liza Minnelli. The smiling, hardworking performers... More >>

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