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  • All in the Family

    published December 26, 2001

    Georges Feydeau, like Oscar Wilde, anticipated low commercial sitcoms with witty farces that gave la belle époque some of its tawdry... More >>

  • The Crumple Zone

    published December 26, 2001

    "This hilarious gay comedy," reads the press blurb on The Crumple Zone, "concerns three gay roommates coming to crisis during one frantic... More >>

  • The Babes of War

    published December 19, 2001

    Since the Shotgun Players are the only local theater troupe to rearrange their season in response to Sept. 11, and since There Will Be No... More >>

  • Scattering Poems All Through the Night

    published December 19, 2001

    Word for Word normally stages short stories. The troupe once tried a novel (well, one chapter) with brilliant success, but so far it has avoided... More >>

  • Borrowed Thunder

    published December 12, 2001

    Floating Weeds is the title of a new play by Philip Kan Gotanda about a shiftless group of people in San Francisco. It's also the title of... More >>

  • Hotel Bethlehem

    published December 12, 2001

    "Scholars say the actual sin of Sodom was not homosexuality," writes playwright Tim Bryant in his program notes to Hotel Bethlehem. "It was... More >>

  • Much Ado, and Little Else

    published December 5, 2001

    The Berkeley Rep's new theater must feel like a candy store to a director, with its powerful pulleys and ropes, computer-driven lighting, and... More >>

  • Proof

    published December 5, 2001

    Proof is the latest in a line of garlanded disappointments from Broadway. Last season it won a Tony, a Pulitzer, and various critics'... More >>

  • Dr. Bellington's Profession

    published November 28, 2001

    Robert O'Hara received his local debut almost four years ago when ACT produced Insurrection: Holding History, his wild political fantasia... More >>

  • Dominant-Looking Males

    published November 28, 2001

    Besides physics, the branch of science most attractive to writers is biology, especially where it deals with inheritance and sex. Brighde Mullins'... More >>

  • Dead Singers

    published November 21, 2001

    Lily, the caretaker's daughter, has a minor role in James Joyce's The Dead, hanging up coats, serving drinks, and sometimes joining the... More >>

  • Quantum Love

    published November 14, 2001

    When playwrights flirt with physics, lately, for some reason, they also deal with ultimates: love, God, the meaning of life. This trend is no... More >>

  • Ctrl.-Alt.-Delete

    published November 14, 2001

    James Carpenter plays the megalomaniacal guru of a venture capital fund in what should be, but isn't, an excellent satire of Silicon Valley. It... More >>

  • Burning Joan

    published November 7, 2001

    Joan of Arc burned as a witch when a church inquisition accused her of heresy in 1431, but her image improved over the next 500 years, until the... More >>

  • Epitaph

    published October 24, 2001

    "I wrote Nocturne as a monologue," said playwright Adam Rapp to the Boston Herald not long ago, "because I thought it would be... More >>

  • 49 Miles

    published October 24, 2001

    Trevor Allen's new play, like Beach Blanket Babylon, is a musical tour of San Francisco. Unlike BBB, there isn't any singing. This... More >>

  • Rest in Pee

    published October 17, 2001

    The strangest moment in The John, Bob Ernst's "pocket opera" about a guy meeting Death in the men's room, has Ernst himself transformed... More >>

  • Sweet Table at the Richelieu

    published October 17, 2001

    Last Planet Theater was the first group in history to put on a festival of Wallace Shawn's plays. It also did a local premiere of Pinter's... More >>

  • Shaky Landing

    published October 10, 2001

    In one of his novels, I think it's The Tin Drum, Günter Grass takes a wry swipe at the writers of modish European minimalism who lined... More >>

  • The Celebration and The Room

    published October 10, 2001

    The pair of Pinter one-acts at ACT works as a brief, two-punch retrospective at which audiences can compare the playwright's first play, The... More >>

  • The Price of Vengeance

    published September 26, 2001

    Broadway is deserted -- blockbuster shows are failing in New York -- and small plays in the Bay Area seem to have suffered. The Marin Theater... More >>

  • Balance of Power

    published September 12, 2001

    Move the setting of a classic play to the streets of a modern city, dress the conflict as a gang war, write a score in a popular style, and what... More >>

  • Winesburg, Ohio

    published September 12, 2001

    This collaboration between Word for Word and the Shotgun Players to stage four stories from Sherwood Anderson's Winesburg, Ohio has the... More >>

  • Bizarre Bazaar

    published September 5, 2001

    The weeklong anarchy of 50-minute plays known as the San Francisco Fringe Festival tends to scare up bizarre, inventive material, but Elisa... More >>

  • Romper Room Romeo

    published August 29, 2001

    I owe an apology to Subterranean Shakespeare. When I saw Yoni Barkan's production of Romeo and Juliet last month I was so put off by the... More >>

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